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Crime | Drama
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116 min
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Directors: Clint Eastwood [Director] ,

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2001. Earl Stone is a 73-years-old gardener obsessed with his work as horticulturist and the florist conventions where he win prizes by his dedication to daylilies. Living in Illionis and divorced many years ago of Mary, the relation with her and his estranged daughter Iris worsens after Earl forgets Iris' wedding by assisting to another convention, with his granddaughter Ginny as only one who defends him. His attempt to reconcile with them ends very bad, and Earl turns in a goner for all them. 17 years later, Internet has ruined a 90-years-old Earl's life, his house is noticed of eviction and his business is under foreclose. After a tense meeting between Earl with Iris and Mary after appear at Ginny's feast for announcing her incoming wedding, a friend of Ginny closes Earl to offer a new business: drive from Texas to Illinois transporting bags to win fast money. Unknown for Earl, a DEA's agent recently transferred from Washington DC to Chicago called Colin Bates starts an ...


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