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The Reviews for Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (1979) 1080p

Great movie!

Reviewed bySascha MommertzVote: 9/10
Although with this movie I become sentimental, I have to say that this movie is still enjoyable. The actors are not extremely good but because of their looks and the script (with the dialogs) it keeps me watching it again and again. Gil Gerard is very convincing in his role as Buck Rogers. The same I can say about Erin Gray. The Twiki character is extremely funny as well as Dr. Huer. My vote keeps being a 9 simply because of the special effects which are not perfect (although it is very hard to beat Star Wars). I can recommend this movie (and the series) to everybody who likes the late 70s and early 80s, something else than Star Wars and especially something else like Battlestar Galactica.

Gerard Makes BUCK a Delight!

Reviewed byBen Burgraff (cariart)Vote: 8/10
BUCK ROGERS IN THE 25th CENTURY could easily have become dated camp, by now (Rogers' disastrous space tour was supposed to have occurred in 1987...did we miss it?), but there's such a sense of joy and humor to the production that it actually is more fun to watch today than when it was briefly released, theatrically, in 1979.

A large measure of this is due to Gil Gerard, as Capt. William 'Buck' Rogers, who gives an enthusiastic, likable performance. Some of his dialog is ripe with sexual innuendo, particularly in his scenes with Erin Gray, as the beautiful, if a bit wooden, professional soldier, Wilma Deering, but his rakish charm (and an occasional wink!) keeps the one-liners from sliding into bad taste. The other female lead, Pamela Hensley, as a bikini-clad evil Princess, would do Mae West proud with her lusty vampiness. Her scenes with Gerard, as she eyes him as an evening's 'entertainment', are a delight. (And in the "Is this a coincidence?" department...Her character is named Ardala, and wears a horned headpiece...Could George Lucas have been influenced by her when he created Natalie Portman's Princess Amidala in STAR WARS: EPISODE ONE - THE PHANTOM MENACE?) The other major male roles are filled by Henry Silva, as Ardala's superbly evil partner, Kane, and Tim O'Connor, wise and sympathetic, as Earth scientist Dr. Huer. Deserving recognition, as well, is Duke Butler, who, as Ardala's eunuch bodyguard, Tigerman, should find another line of work, considering how he fared against Rogers!

Ignore Twiki, the low-tech R2D2 rip-off (Mel Blanc voices him, with dialog lapsing into disco-era clich├ęs and bad sexual puns), and Dr. Theopoulis (the talking Frisbee...well, that's what he looks like!), and concentrate on the decent FX and Gil Gerard's charismatic performance...and I think you'll find BUCK ROGERS a winner!

buck Rogers

Reviewed byCharlie UntzVote: 8/10
I remember going to see buck Rogers in the theater shortly after the release of Star Wars. I didn't know who Buck Rogers was but the movie was likable and the series was interesting and well done despite the era that it was done in. Erin Gray was likable as Col. Dearring. Twikki was great, but the second season was lacking in what most sci-fi shows of the era suffered from. No continuity and no growth for the characters. If it were remade today I think we would have a much better show with the us of CGI and writers who hopefully will create growth and continuity for the show. But it was made back during a time that disco was dying and Rock Music was becoming more predominate as a popular music. by the way for those who have not seen this show it's now available on DVD and this article contains no spoilers

The Plot Summary for Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (1979) 1080p

In 1987, Captain William "Buck" Rogers pilots his space shuttle Ranger 3 on a mission but a meteor storm freezes him into an orbit that returns him to Earth - 500 years later. In 2491, his shuttle is found and captured by the Draconian flagship, under the command of Princess Ardala and her second-in-command Kane. Reviving him, they return him to Earth after secretly planting a homing beacon aboard his shuttle to track a path through Earth's defense barrier. Buck is under arrest and learns that Earth has been rebuilt over the centuries in his absence following a nuclear holocaust. Buck Rogers must adjust to the 25th century, and convince the Terrans that the Draconians are secretly planning to conquer Earth.

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