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The Reviews for Octaman (1971)

Lovers of 50's monster movies should seek out this one

Reviewed bydsfilm123Vote: 8/10
This is a good old-fashioned monster movie. A mutated octopus man comes out of the water to kill, find a women, kill some more, and cause havoc in the woods. The monster was created by Doug Beswick( Planet of the Dinosaurs ) and Rick Baker ( An American Werewolf in London, The Grinch ). A lot like those old men-in-suits monster films of the 50's and 60's.

The octopus is a very well done monster.

Perfect drive-in heap of trash.

Reviewed byHumanoidOfFleshVote: 7/10
"Octaman" is the Holy Grail of grade-Z monster movie trash.There's the Octaman,an aquatic creature out of Oscar winner Rick Baker's closet walking about and waving his monstrous tentacles...You see,Octaman kills many dumb people by slapping his victims to death in combination with some hideous psychic power that forces you to wrap its rubbery tentacles about yourself and beat yourself with them.I don't care about the plot,because I watched this amusing piece of cow dung for Octaman.Repeat...Octaman!The utterly bizarre lust of an icthyoid creature for a female mammal reminded me "The Creature from the Black Lagoon" written by "Octaman" director Harry Essex.The lighting is awful,the acting is as bad as it gets and the script is trashy,but Octaman steals the show.6 out of 10 for this fearsome monster.

For its ecological-based idea

Reviewed byminos_664Vote: 7/10
The ecologic idea of this film is even interesting. There's no big difference between "Octaman" and the conception of "Godzilla", which in the 70's was also incredibly laughable. The big failure was how poor it was made. And this was a very, very cheap film. The courageous actors couldn't do a miracle, but they had all the dignity of doing what they needed to do. A difference rises, if they are watched apart of the surreal monster character.

After watching "Octaman" we understand why the special effects in Sci-Fi films must be a step above of their era. Fortunately, the first Star Wars film (in which Mr. Baker- co-author of the "Octaman" monster and after academy-awarded winner- seems to have learned a lot) came in rescue few years after "Octaman" to change the poor panorama of Sci-Fi films until the 70's.

Anyway, this film attracts so much attention, despite of the main monster character has been so bad constructed, has been so badly filmed and edited, having so deep weakness in the script, that it deserves a new version, exactly what was made with Godzilla. As a child I was scared with this film, at least with its first half, and as adolescent, sincerely entertained. It's understandable that there is a list where "trash" cinema fans put "Octaman" as one of their 50 favourite films. It's so? so strange that it becomes good.

Finally, a time ago some Maritime Ecology site made sympathetic comments about the idea of "Octaman", relating the increasing number of giant octopus found dead in the world coast. It seems to be an important theme nowadays, upon which a well written and done film could be based on, in a new version for "Octaman".

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The Plot Summary for Octaman (1971)

A scientific expedition in Mexico discovers several unusual baby octopus specimens. When they capture several of the creatures their half-man/half-octopus parent appears to terrorize the hapless scientists.

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