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  • IMDB Rating: 7.2/10 
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The Reviews for Thelma (2017)

artistic, unique and beautifully dark.

Reviewed byMitchellCombdenVote: 9/10
Thelma (2017) is a Norwegian drama/mystery/romance/thriller directed by Joachim Trier. This film is Mr. Trier's fourth feature length directorial effort, he also co-wrote the screenplay. the film follows a young woman named Thelma who begins to fall in love with another woman and soon discovers that she has magical powers.

the camera work in this film Is very slick for the majority of the film. the composition of the frames are very well thought out and pleasing to the eye. at times though the hand-held camera segments can become distracting. especially when you've warmed up to the crisp and steady dolly shots and then transition into some shaky hand-held scenes. this however does not ruin the experience. visually, this film is very well put together.

the lead performance is another standout element of the film. Eili Harboe as Thelma is absolutely magnificent. she commands the screen when she has to. the film isn't super reliant on dialogue so throughout many of the most important scenes Miss Harboe must conjure up some serious emotion and does so with ease. the inner struggle of her character is expertly communicated through her physically captivating performance. all of the supporting actors and actresses do a fine job as well, but clearly, Eili Harboe steals the show here. the film would not be as good as it is if her performance wasn't as good as it was.

Thelma's character go's through a serious inner battle with herself when it comes to her own sexuality and her religious beliefs that are basically forced upon her by her family. this conflict is beautifully captured on screen in a VISUAL way. some directors forget that film is mostly a visual art form, but Joachim Trier understands this without a doubt. his use of visuals to communicate conflict are brilliant and artistic.

the only real flaw I can think of when talking about this film is the final act. it seems like it heads in the right direction, then takes a sudden dive into a difficult conclusion that for me was hard to swallow.

overall though, Thelma is one of the finest films I've seen all year.

The Verdict: 9.0/10

One of the best films of the year

Reviewed byJithin K MohanVote: 9/10
A coming of age supernatural love story that discusses being an introvert, religion, sexual repression and the tendency to fear and control what we can't understand. Even though the plot may look very simple at first look, it tells a lot without being very obvious. It's an allegorical tale against the cruel world created by the patriarchal and Christian society.

A beautiful filmed masterpiece with mysteries bound in belief, fear and imagination

Reviewed byOJTVote: 9/10
Norwegian filmmakers (writer/director) Joachim Trier has made another great film together with Eskil Vogt. I simply loved Reprise and the last before this, Louder than Bombs. Oslo 31st of August is also very real though a sad story. Trier is a very promising director, getting better for each film released. But never has he and his writing companion Eskil Vogt made anything as profound as this masterpiece.

Already in the opening scene this film grips you hard in the neck, and keeps the grip through. What kind of family is this? Why is the father so controlling? Is it something other than love?

We meet young Thelma old enough to go studying in Oslo, but we sense that the family don't like to send her there. Thelma is a fragile, religious girl, from a heavily religious family, hiding some secret, or secrets. Moe shouldn't be told, other than it seem that when Thelma falls in love her burdens are too much for her. She feels profound shame about her feelings.

This is a film difficult to categorize. It's a drama-thriller, with mysterious parts, and even some horror elements or if you like some paranormal stiff - if you chose that. Because the film lets you decide. What's wrong with Thelma?

The film beautifully shot, with lovely camera work and angles. Some scenes are sublime. As is some effects. The CGI is also sublime. Simply immaculate, and totally believably made. Eili Harboe is excellent in the main role, as are the others.

The film is very original, still it reminds in parts of other films with troubled girls, like Carrie and films like that.

The film has many sides, all positive. It's exciting, mysterious, artful, beautiful, complex, mind-bending, thrilling, tragic, creepy and sensual film explores several different theories and possibilities, and makes you decide - What's happening to Thelma.


The Plot Summary for Thelma (2017)

A confused religious girl tries to deny her feelings for a female friend who's in love with her. This causes her suppressed subconsciously-controlled psychokinetic powers to reemerge as seizures with devastating results.

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