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  • Genre: Animation | Fantasy
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  • Run Time: 88
  • IMDB Rating: 6.9/10 
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The Reviews for Pirate's Passage (2015)

Reviewed byhal-hooverVote: 9/10/10
I liked this movie a lot, but there were some things that I thoughtdeserved to be explained more (e.g., why did Meg have such a chip onher shoulder and why was bringing an American auto to Nova Scotiathrough Newfoundland considered smuggling?), so I bought and read thenovel "Pirate's Passage" by William Gilkerson, upon which the movie wasbased.

After reading the novel I would say that the movie was inspired by,rather than based on the book, as the main characters are the same, butthe plots are much different. The book gives sufficient back story forMeg for the reader to understand the chip on her shoulder. The autodoes not even occur in the book. I thought that the plot of the bookwas far better than that of the movie, so if you liked the movie youshould read the book.

Reviewed byjandsm5321Vote: 8/10/10
We had a bunch of indie movies to check out on our Netflix watch listand I was passively thinning them out while working. I started this oneand got hooked a few minutes in. By the end, I'm glad the kids weren'taround, but I quite enjoyed it.

It's done in a 2D CG animation that seems a little cheap, but done wellenough to still look good. The art is still well done, I love thecharacter designs, it very much feels like a labor of love.

The story was interesting as well, I look forward to finding the bookas I hear the movie is only loosely based on it. It had enough depth tokeep me guessing, but I was able to guess a few plot points (which ismy favorite balance for a movie).

As for content, it's mostly the language that I wouldn't want the kidsto hear. The parental advisory covers most of it, the lady also usesthe word 'bastard' once. I think the themes are a little complex forkids too. It is pirate themed after all. It defends the "honest"pirates that only steal and do minimum damage to get what they need, orbreaking the law to accomplish what needs to be done. Thankfully thekid in the story still tries to do what's right without going aroundthe law.

I'd definitely watch it again, and I think it's worth at least seeingit once.

Reviewed byfoo_lobstaVote: 5/10/10
I was intrigued by the synopsis of this movie and the animationreminded me of all the Don Bluth movies I watched as kid like Secret ofNimh and the American Tail films. It was mysterious and interestingenough to hold my 6, 9, and 10 year-olds, but I should have knownthings were going to get gritty after the first "damn" reference in thefirst 5 minutes. I hung in there with my kids until one of my kidsfinally complained about the language and I knew I had made the wrongchoice. I wished there had been more kid- friendly reviews when I wasresearching this and I actually created an IMDb account just so I couldedit the Parental Guide and help some other parents make a moreinformed decision than I did. It's sad when you have great voicetalents and an interesting story ruined by language that should not bein an animated movie. Mind you Netflix had this rated for ages 7-10. Iwill be more cautious about their guidance in the future. If not, forthe unnecessary language, I would have made it through more than halfof it.

The Plot Summary for Pirate's Passage (2015)

In 1950s Grey Rocks, Nova Scotia, a mysterious old seadog named Captain Charles Johnson comes to port and takes up residence in the inn of Kerstin Hawkins and her son, Jim. Once there, young Jim realizes that there is far more to that old sailor than meets the eye as Johnson offers to help on a school project about pirates in the region in ways Jim never imagined. Along the way, Capt. Johnson learns of the threat that a modern day pirate, the rapacious Mr. Moehner, poses and offers to help with that as well. All the while, that old sailor has his own business in that small town with a more direct link to its past that only Jim knows is possible.

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