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The Reviews for Christmas Vacation 2: Cousin Eddie's Island Adventure (2003)

Reviewed byChuck StraubVote: 4/10/10
I just watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 2 on DVD, hopingto see something at least close to the original, great holiday comedy,'Christmas Vacation'. I saw nothing of the kind. You can tell rightfrom the start that this movie just wasn't going to measure up. It'stoo bad it has a title that links it to the original ChristmasVacation. It's really kind of sad. The film can't stand on it's ownmerits. I think too many people will view this film on the strength ofthe title and it does not come close to that level of comedy. Otherthan the title, there is very little connecting the movie to theoriginal 'Christmas Vacation' and even less of a connection toChristmas at all. The comedy is very simplistic and the plot poor.Children might find some humor here but most adults would only get achuckle here and there. This movie is a flop. Don't waste your timewith it.

Reviewed byPat McCurry ( 2/10/10
I am a fan of a few of the Vacation films, but when a movie franchise goesfrom the big screen to the TV screen, you know it's out of steam. Made forTV National Lampoon films do not do well on TV. This movie is anotherreason.

I think a lot of us were excited when this was coming out, but we also hadto face the's a TV movie. Randy Quaid is fine as Cousin Eddie,but is better in a supporting role than the lead. Dana Barron sets historyas the first actor to reprise her role as one of the Griswold kids. She isjust as pretty, but it doesn't help a thin script.

Why was this movie even made? It was probably because NBC recently picked upanother few years of presenting X-mas Vacation. There is nothing wrong withthe acting. It's all in the script. It's just not that funny. People need tothink before they write stuff like this. It is one Christmas movie I do notrecommend.

Reviewed byPaul Papsmear ( 1/10/10
I sat through all 2 hours. I do not know what was worse, the awful plot,thelame characters or the hawaiian hottie that Eddie's 11 yearold kid and 80year old grandpa made sexual advances toward. The money spent on this wasjust flushed down the throne. Matty Simmons should be ashamed. Theoriginalidea for this movie was "A Swiss Family Griswold" and it somehow turnedintothis mess. The only bright spot is that it's ratings were so bad we willnever see this on TV again. AVOID AT ALL COSTS...RENT ERNEST SAVES XMAS orsomething else.

The Plot Summary for Christmas Vacation 2: Cousin Eddie's Island Adventure (2003)

Though Eddie's fired right at Christmastime, his boss sends him and his family on a South Pacific vacation, hoping Eddie won't sue him after being bitten by a lab monkey. When the Tuttle family winds up trapped on a tropical island, however, Eddie manages to provide for everyone and prove himself a real man.

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