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The Reviews for Wind (1992)

Reviewed byjerelullVote: 9/10/10
As a long-time sailor and racer, I admit that most consider a sailboatrace like watching the grass grow, but they've done a great job ofproducing exciting racing scenes, while having so few technicalinaccuracies that the most avid of us keep rewinding to review anddebate. Take good note of the early dinghy racing scenes. I don'tbelieve they used any trick photography: things really can happen thatfast.

Of course, there's a larger set of stories, the classic love stories:between men and women, of sailing, of ideas, of ideals; the roughretelling of the Dennis Connor story (though I place Robertson/Weld asConnor, not Modine/Parker); an accurate representation of the "OldBoys'" network that *is* big-money yacht racing --I've met "AbigailWeld" many times; and the "absurdity" of a desert-based effort winningthe Cup, a nod to the Melges' campaign.

The photography is astounding, the character development (the reasonfor the film's length) good, and the music complimented everythingadmirably.

That it's "about" sailing will turn many off, but those of us with alove of the sea and sailing hold this as a classic to be cherished.

Reviewed byGary Stedman ( 8/10/10
When I first saw this film a few years ago I was totally amazed, whathappened to it upon release? Granted, here in the UK I do not know ifit ever got a cinema run, but until it appeared on one of the satellitechannels I'd never even heard of it. What a waste!

The film does a excellent job of dramatizing a sport that on firstappearances to the layman will probably appear boring. A fine balancehas to be drawn between exposition and drama, and I believe Windachieves this admirably. This supported by the many friends who haveseen this film upon my recommendation, most with no interest in sailingat all.

The two leads are fine, the Aussie skipper is good fun as a typicalAussie! The only bad call is the Abigall Weld character - rapidlybecomes annoying and unrealistic.

Where the film scores even better is the superb camera work during theracing sequences, in particular the aerial shots - quite breathtaking.No review would be complete without mentioning the films score - quitesimply some of the most uplifting and beautiful music I have everheard.

Wonderful film, highly recommended.

Reviewed byRobert F Nutter ( 10/10/10
This is one of the movies I never tire of seeing again. Beautiful sailingscenes, but you don't have to know anything about sailing to appreciate it.The cast did an earnest and excellent job. It must have been a labor oflove to make. Don't miss it.

The Plot Summary for Wind (1992)

Will Parker, played by Matthew Modine, loses the Americas Cup, the worlds biggest sailing prize, to the Australians and decides to form his own syndicate to win it back.

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