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The Reviews for Author! Author! (1982)

Reviewed byLee Eisenberg ( 7/10/10
Taking a break from his serious roles, Al Pacino stars in this lightcomedy as playwright Ivan Travalian, trying to cope with putting on aplay while raising his children and his son's friend. In a way,"Author! Author!" seems like the sort of movie that they just made forfun, but it's an interesting look at the vicissitudes of thatparticular lifestyle. It's not a masterpiece by any stretch (certainlynot Pacino's best), but still worth seeing, if only to see the manknown as Michael Corleone and Tony Montana doing comedy - although Idoubt that you'll shout the title when the movie ends. Also starringDyan Cannon, Tuesday Weld and Alan King.

Reviewed byjescciVote: 7/10/10
Pacino's characters are always warm, intimate and personal - yes evenMichael Corleone - and in this film also sensitive and kind. Here he gets toshare those qualities with lucky children whose parents abandonthem.

As a father, he's tough when he needs to be, tender and concerned when he'scalled on to be and just a big kid when he feels impelled and itsappropriate. His character here, as in many of his roles is self-centered ifnot self-obsessed, and that can drive the adults around him bonkers whenthey need his attention, but he never lets the childrendown.

His house evolves into a kind of wayward home - a place to where hisex-wives's children return of their own will because it's the only placethey feel wanted comfortable and respected. There they matter as humanbeings.

Pacino is a playwright and apparently a good one, but he seems lessconcerned with the art of his craft and more concerned with it beinglucrative for the benefit of his now extended family. He's shown to be theonly responsible adult in the movie and he's barely hanging on to the coattails of sanity as it is. The children all seem to have more sense than theadults. With Pacino, they take an us against the world approach to theirproblems. We root for them, of course, because they're much too important tobe ignored and they've got the spunk to insist that they be seen andheard.

The household has a summer camp bunk mate feel. The children have distinctand in some way opposing personalities. Each stands out as special and forthe most part there is little conflict. That may be a contrivance or itcould be a believable happy accident.

Tuesday Weld, Pacino's estranged wife and the mother (with differentfathers) of four of the five children, is the embodiment of the enemy. Aselfish, uncaring, unloving mother - oh, they're out there - but sheprobably also represents society on some level especially at the tail end ofthe me-decade 70's. Perhaps for the sake of ratings there is no directreference to drugs or promiscuity, but it ain't a far leap to make toexplain the history of the characters.

As at least one other reviewer has said, the film probably works a lotbetter for people who have lived the kind of life portrayed.

Reviewed byDon CVote: 7/10/10
Some comments would have you believe that this movie is annoying andstupid. Don't believe that for a minute. It is an unfair assessment ofwhat movies were like in the 80's (not 70's as was indicated in aprevious comment).

It seems pretty obvious that if you were old enough during the early80's, goof-ball comedy and romantic comedy were at its peak (Check outsome Neil Simon, Blake Edwards, Dudley Moore, Chevy Chase, Bill Murray,Dan Ackroyd, Harold Ramis, Goldie Hawn to name a few). The theme songsare soft and melodic. This movie is no exception. If you expectsomething much more, then you are in for a disappointment.

Synopsis: Ivan Trevellan (Al Pacino), a playwright, has a deadline tofinish his play. Along the way, he struggles to keep his marriage,provide support to five children (in which four of the five are hiswife's from previous marriages) and deal with his demanding producerand director.

The Plot Summary for Author! Author! (1982)

Playwright Travalian feels pulled limb from limb these days. He has a Broadway play in rehearsal and they want rewrites. His tramp wife is leaving him, leaving him as well with four children from her previous marriages plus his own son. And his lead actress wants to move in with him but isn't used to kids.

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