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The Reviews for Undrafted (2016)

Reviewed byantibodytherapeuticsVote: 10/10/10
Coming from down under we do not see much baseball on TV. I have fallenin love with the game via movies such as Bull Durham and now subscribeto Minor league baseball TV so I can watch the Bulls play during theseason. I watch other teams also as I work from home and have it onduring working hours and I just love everything about the gameincluding the 7 inning stretch. This movie just cracks me up it isfunny and reminds me of playing rugby league at a lower level inAustralia when I was much younger. There are also serious moments butbest of all is the lifelong friendships created via team sports. Thismovie shows the funny and serious sides of amateur sports and is agreat watch. I am disappointed with one reviewer here who seems onlyinterested in promoting their own site than giving a true account ofthis great film. If someone feels the urge to want to punch everyoneinvolved because they dislike a movie I think they should see aprofessional as they have deeper issues and I am speaking ofviewsonfilm you need help of some kind or maybe "you know some peoplejust need f$%king medicine they do"

Reviewed byethanthorenVote: 10/10/10
"Undrafted," at first glance, seems like nothing more than a low-budget, mediocre baseball movie.

But, in reality, it's a funny, heartwarming, and realistic depiction ofthe fun, anger, and silliness involved in loving a game--in this case,baseball.

Perhaps this struck a chord with me because I love baseball. I playedit for years, my father played it when he was young, my grandfatherplayed it when he was young, and the Cubs finally winning the WorldSeries has made me love baseball now more than in years. Regardless, ithit home (no pun intended), and I loved both the story it told and thememories it evoked.

In short, if you're a sports fan--one that loves baseball inparticular--this is a must-see. However, if you're not, I would stillrecommend it. It's a great film overall.

The Plot Summary for Undrafted (2016)

When twelve ragtag teammates set out to play what should be a meaningless summer intramural baseball game, it ends up becoming the most important game of their lives. This collection of characters - the reliever turned starting pitcher (Tyler Hoechlin), a hot dog power hitter (Chace Crawford), an outfielder with anger management issues (Joe Mazzello), a player coach with clipboard envy (Duke Davis Roberts), an over-eager catcher (Ryan Pinkston), the old guy who shouldn't be playing anymore (Philip Winchester), and the guy everyone forgot was on the team (Matt Bush) - truly gives new meaning to the phrase "amateur status". As they struggle to transition away from baseball and towards an uncertain future, the best player among them (Aaron Tveit) - who they all felt should have gotten drafted - has to deal with the news that his big league dreams were dashed, leaving him grappling with why he should still play. One game can be just another box score, but when it's played by a team ...

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