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The Reviews for Around the Bend (2004)

Reviewed byTubular_BellVote: 9/10/10
I can't give this movie a perfect score, which I reserve for classic,Earth-shattering movies that may truly change one's ways of watchingmovies. But I give this a high nine, and as it stands, this is one ofthe very, very few movies that I could watch dozens of times morewithout ever feeling tired, and wanting more. This is a gripping,fearless movie that instead of drenching itself with tears and syrup,it grips you and plays with your feelings as if it owned you. You'llhave to be willing to be taken over, of course, but once you do, you'rein for a ride.

Honestly, I find it a bit banal to label this as a "road movie". To me,it's a genuinely comical family drama. I had great laughs with thismovie, the way it was written and directed, and with the actors'performances, but especially because it wasn't aching to be a comedy.Nothing here looked contrived and forced, and none of the events, nomatter how unexpected, felt like it didn't belong there. And we'retalking about one interesting plot here. I suppose you can find a goodsynopsis of the movie elsewhere, so I'd rather settle on the reviewproper here, instead of giving details of how the movie goes. Sufficeto say, it's a powerful story, intelligently written, cleverly paced,directed and acted with talent and care. You see, most times I demand afilm to have content, something interesting to say, which this moviecertainly has. But I was also delighted and entertaining by the way themovie was told. Being this Jordan Roberts's first effort, I think it'sa particularly impressive one.

As for the actors, you must know them by heart, and if you're a fan ofany of them, you won't be disappointed. Yes, Caine's present in only afifth of the movie's length, but it's a memorable performance alright.Christopher Walken is the main force in the movie, and I really enjoyedhis performance and his character, Turner. Lots of fun. Josh Lucas'scharacter, Jason, isn't as immediately striking, but he's quiteintricate, and the performance here is just spot on. And of course, thebig focus isn't on either of them exclusively, but on theirrelationship. I just wasn't expecting to be so utterly amazed by JonahBobo, though! I was already familiar with his work on the children'scartoon The Backyardigans, doing the voice of my favourite character,no less. But to me, at least, he stole the scene almost every time;even when he didn't say a thing, for he could show only with his facialexpressions, his movements and everything else, his character and whathe was going through, in particular how curious he was about Turner andhow attuned he was getting to him, and vice versa. It's worthy tomention how, in the "making of" documentary, we see he's a playful,intelligent and happy kid, and that he can switch into another kidentirely, wholly absorbed by the movie, with so much ease. I can't saythe movie couldn't possibly be anywhere below "okay" with Jonah in it,and yes, I'm aware Caine and Walken are in it too. But the movie isn'tjust about that. It's much more. And if people can give up theirresistance and make themselves ready for a thrilling, shamelessemotional ride, this is a movie I can recommend. It's short, yes, butif you feel it's too short, just watch it again.

Reviewed byjoekeaVote: 8/10/10
I found this in a video store and with the great cast (not always agood indicator!) and the list of awards won I took a chance on it beinggood. As is often the case when you have little expectation you aremost pleasantly surprised. I thought the characters were wonderful thesetting and photography beautiful and the soundtrack really made it.There are also nice little touches where an item seen in a passing shothas a connection to something later in the film.

The only weakness I felt was Josh Lucas in the role of the child'sfather. It was hard to make any genetic connection with the charactersplayed by Michael Caine or Christopher Walken. It's not that his actingwas poor he just didn't seem to fit in. Please try and see the movie -I doubt that you'll be disappointed.

Reviewed byDana Belcher ( 10/10/10
Wrong . . .Wrong . . .Wrong!!!! Anyone who is reading the less thanperfect reviews and makes a decision to not see this film is making avery big mistake. We all know how political the economics of filmreviews are and this movie proves it. I am a 40 year old male who seesthis as a "mans" movie. This is about the issues that all sons havewith their fathers to one degree or another; and it has a great plotwith as much humor in it as it does have the seriousness of male issuesand bonding. Come on guys, you all know what I am talking about. So forall those who call this a chick flick, your wrong too! Both men andwomen will definitely leave this film with a big smile on their facesand will agree with me that the admittance ticket was worth everypenny!

The Plot Summary for Around the Bend (2004)

In Los Angeles, Jason Lair is recently separated, living with his grandfather and his son; he's a banker, tense, with a limp. Grandfather Henry, an archaeologist, wants to take the family van on a trip to Albuquerque. His plans are interrupted when Turner, Jason's father and Henry's son, appears after years of absence. Henry wants to celebrate family, as does Zach, Jason's son; Jason is angry and distant, Turner seems detached and says he's got a bus to catch in the morning. This prompts Henry to put in place an elaborate plan that will send his "tribe" on that VW bus trip to New Mexico sorting out relationships and digging up a crippled family history. Dust and dogs figure prominently.

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