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The Reviews for The Brothers (2001)

Reviewed bysmooth_op_85Vote: 9/10/10
The Brothers is a classic tale of boys becoming men.

Morris Chesnut is Jackson Smith, a successful pediatrician and leadingman of the crew who gets involved with Denise (Gabrielle Union) his Momis played by Jennifer Lewis and sister is Tatiana Ali best known asAshley from Prince of Bel-Air Shemar Moore is Terry White, womanizerand we're lead to believe he's a ladies man...which by his looks, wedon't doubt. He's getting engaged to Bebe, a woman who's at the gunrange 3x/wk D.L. Hughley is Derrick West who has allowed his wife tocontrol the terms of their relationship instead of it being apartnership. He also wants to get a need fulfilled by his wife that shewon't fill Bill Bellamy is Brian Palmer a womanizer in the otherdirection of Terry. No charm, no guile no wit...he gives up on datingblack women and is trying to get through to his mother (who was onScrubs as Nurse Laverne) So the 4 come together every week to playbasketball and air out their life issues with candor and a lot oflaughs! This movie is well done, and true to life as I've seen it.Great writing, storytelling is on point and the depth of least the ones we're supposed to care about stands outamong other films Great film I rate it a 9 out of 10

Reviewed bymattymatt4everVote: 7/10/10
"The Brothers" is unlike many romantic comedies in recent years, which iswhy I'm surprised at the very, very low rating. A 4.3 with the majority ofvoters rating it a 1? I don't know whether people prefer the moreconventional romantic fluff, which they're used to, or can't handle one thattakes time for character development. And after watching the featurette onthe DVD, as well as the vastly impressive commentary by writer/director GaryHardwick, I've gained an even better understanding of the film. I gained agood enough understanding on my first viewing, but the commentary clarifiedeverything.

Though the central cast is male, the film doesn't take on a mysogynist tone. We get the views of the men, as well as the women. And the dialoguebetween each sex is sharp and witty, unlike for instance the final scenefrom the filthy sex comedy "Whipped" where the dialogue between the femalesare reduced to chat about penis size.

The acting is very well done. I've never watched "Young and the Restless"(nor any soap), so I haven't seen any of Shemar Moore's previous work, butjudging by his performance in this movie he has good potential on the bigscreen. He already has it made in the looks department. Some of my femalefriends wanted to this movie just because of Shemar. Well, he has a lot ofshirtless scenes, so I don't think the women will be the least bitdisappointed. DL Hughley is hilarious as usual. When has he not been? There's a great scene where he chats with his mother (played by veteran TVactress Marla Gibbs) at a nursing home, and she reveals that she wasdrinking while pregnant with him. The chemistry between them in thatparticular scene is perfect. Bill Bellamy (fellow stand-up comedian) isalso funny as pretty much the philosopher of the group. He also gets thechance to show off his talent as a dramatic actor. On the subject ofmother-son interactions, he has a nice, subtlely powerful scene where heconfronts his Mom about her lack of showing her feelings around him. And inthat scene, he begs her for a hug. Finally, Morris Chestnut gives anotherfine performance as a pediatrician/cassanova, who falls for one of hispatient's sisters (the beautiful Gabrielle Union). Of course, I can't leaveClifton Powell off the list. He's great as Morris' father, who turns out tohave a sexual history with Gabrielle.

Tatyana Ali showed that she has evolved as an actress, since playing AshleyBanks on "Fresh Prince of Bel Air." She has an amazingly commanding screenpresence. Tamala Jones (from "Booty Call") is a good comic actress (andshe's beautiful too :0), and has some funny interactions with DL, who playsher husband. That includes one where she refuses to (How do I put this in aclean fashion?) please DL orally. 'Cause apparently, "it causes cancer."

Director Hardwick modeled the four characters after the four sides of hispersonality. The Bill Bellamy character is a lawyer, which he is. And hehas been married in the past, with the usual jitters when it comes tocommitment (like Shemar's character). The movie is about friendship,commitment, temptation, love, honesty, all the things that go into a seriousrelationship. And it's done in a way that's funny and insightful. Atpoints, quite moving. I like the dialogue. I like the way the actors talklike real people, and not actors maneuvered by the script like chess pieces. It all has a natural flow.

Not to sound preachy, but it's nice that every once in a while a film comesalong to portray African-Americans in a positive light. How often do we seea film (directed by an African-American) where the central (black)characters are doctors and lawyers? Too often black filmmakers seem toadore subject matter involving young black males growing up in "the hood"and dodging thugs left and right. Is this really how we want black peopleportrayed? Better yet, do blacks themselves want people of their race to beportrayed in that fashion? Films like Hype Williams' "Belly" are one stepaway from minstrelsy, except minstrelsy was created by white people. Andwhenever a film like "Save the Last Dance" comes by, where there happens tobe some negative black characters and it happens to be directed by a whiteperson, guess which race takes the bad rap? I'm just saying blacks shouldmake more positive movies about themselves before they complain to whitesabout portraying them negatively.

Now, my only criticism is the portrayal of white women. I'm sure you thinkI'm a racial activist by now (LOL), but I'm really not. I'm just voicingout my honest opinion. The Julie Benz character is portrayed as thissubservient female who's supposed to get Bellamy (who plays her lover) asandwich whenever she wants, pour him a glass of wine whenever she wants anddo all these things, 'cause apparently white women will do anything a mantells her to do, as opposed to black women who put up a fight. Well, justlike most movies about interracial relationships, we have the wholeconflict, including one where Benz and Bellamy are confronted by his formerlover (Angelle Brooks) who complains about white women stealing all "their"black men. Can't we have a film that comes along that treats the subject ofinterracial relationships well, absent of all this preachy bulls**t? Andhave a white women portrayed as more than a mindless ditz?

Despite that one flaw, I found "The Brothers" very impressive, veryoriginal, very funny and very entertaining. And I liked the song's theme"Love Don't Love Me" by Eric Benet. It gives the film a more upbeat tone. If you're looking for an escape from the conventional fluff of this genre, Idefinitely recommend this movie!

My score: 7 (out of 10)

Reviewed byTamPalmVote: 7/10/10
I can't believe this movie has received a 5.4 on IMDb. Ratings likethat make me lose trust in IMDb critics. This movie is NOT a TylerPerry, low-quality movie and VASTLY deserves a higher rating than a5.4! Come on now!

When I first saw this movie years ago, I was impressed. As I've caughtit recently on the cable movie channels, I realized my first impressionwas not a fluke. This really IS a quality film. (DISH Network agrees,it gets 3 out of 4 stars on their rating system.) Funny, but notslapstick. Great acting (I have to admit I was surprised at how wellthe cast did, especially Gabrielle Union who at the time was a newcomerand DL Hughley whose specialty is comedy.) "Real" characters, realdialogue. Good drama. Even some unpredictability. This movie comesacross as genuine and broaches the issues of relationships andfriendships and even family much more realistically than does say theself-prescribed relationship flick, "Why Did I Get Married?"

Even if I hate to (at the risk of adding to the unfairly low rating ofthis movie), I have to offer honest criticism so that this critique canhave integrity. There were some parts of the storyline that were toomanufactured and soap opera-ish (enter the girlfriend who just happenedto date the father of the man she's fallen in love with) and otherparts that were a little too cheesy for what was otherwise a realistic,relatable expose on relationships (enter the two main characters end uptogether after the overused "man begs for woman back after woman has'moved on'). Other parts wrap up a little too neatly as well, as allthe characters get their happy ending, most of the conflictedcharacters come around and miraculously see the light, lol (like theunaffectionate mother of Bellamy's character somehow realizing the errof her ways and *gasp* hugging her son for the first time andprofessing her love, or Moore's character suddenly wanting to be withthe woman he just essentially stood up at the alter again.)

But those knocks on the film are not significant because the film atits essence is a feel-gooder. It's not deep, it doesn't offend, itdoesn't make you uncomfortable. It makes you laugh and think a littleand smile after it goes off. That's what it sets out to do and themission was accomplished. You will enjoy your movie-watchingexperience.


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"The Brothers" traces the journey of four African-American men as they take on love, sex, friendship and two of life's most terrifying prospects honesty and commitment. Smart, successful and sexy, Jackson Smith, Brian Palmer, Derrick West and Terry White are "The Brothers" lifelong friends banded together to weather love's innate terrors and occasional triumphs in this brazenly comic yet painfully true exploration of the battle between the sexes. Amidst the career track, basketball and bar hopping, "The Brothers" love women, as many as possible, but shocking revelation tests the foursome's friendship and changes their dating habits forever.

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