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  • IMDB Rating: 6.4/10 
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The Reviews for Hiding Out (1987)

Reviewed bybigdaddy4444Vote: 8/10/10
In spite of its faults, this movie was just fun to watch. I love thescene where Max gets in an argument with the history teacher and shesends him off to the principal's office...in high school, I had ateacher threaten to do that to me during a class discussion, so thatscene really hit home! One thing that does bother me whenever I watchthis movie is how bad the makeup is in the beginning when Jon Cryer was"bearded". The beard prevented him from doing much in the way of facialexpressions, and it even hindered his speaking...kinda came off like aventriloquist because he could hardly move his lips.

Fun movie though, just don't take it too seriously.

Reviewed byjeff cox (jeffcox@thegrid.net)Vote: 8/10/10
if it's far-fetched and totally unbelievable??? so what that his owncousindoesn't recognise him! so what if andrew/maxwell would have set himself upfor arrest in 37 states because of his relationship with a high schoolsenior!!!! GO WITH IT!!!! IT'S CUTE!!!

max lives every adults' secret dream (or is it a nightmare?), even if itisto hide out from the mob! he goes back to high school, spouts theannouncements we all wanted to be able to say via the principal'sloudspeaker at night, dates the cutest girl in town (and saves her dad abunch of money with some solid tax advice, to boot), runs for classpresident ... he even has a classic "discussion" with a right-wingbiddie-of-a-teacher (come on, you know you had one just like her) over herassertion that richard nixon was "a great man who was betrayed by hiscountrymen."

if there's nothing good on the first-run shelf at the video store, rentthisone for some good entertainment. i mean, does every movie have to betotallybelievable to be good? if so.


Reviewed byutgard14Vote: 6/10/10
Wall Street stock broker (Jon Cryer), set to testify against a mobboss, is nearly killed by a hit-man. He escapes and runs off to hidewith relatives, where he changes his appearance and passes himself offas a high school student.

Silly but enjoyable comedy. One of Cryer's better starring roles.Supporting cast is good. Pretty Annabeth Gish is the jailbait loveinterest. Nice soundtrack, too. My favorite part is the bit characterShawn, a troublesome high school student who tells the principal "Goahead and call my parents, dude. I didn't do sh*t." I laughed hard atthis guy because he reminded me of so many losers I went to schoolwith.

The Plot Summary for Hiding Out (1987)

A very successful stock broker is called to court to testify against a mob boss who was into some inside trading. They hide him because of death threats. He gets caught in a gun battle and has to flee. He ends up hiding out as a student in a high school. He has to adjust to how things have changed as a teenager. The bad guys find him and he has fight it out in the high school gym.

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