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The Reviews for Going in Style (2017)

Reviewed bybankofmarquisVote: 7/10/10
The new film, GOING IN STYLE, is the equivalent of eating a GrilledCheese Sandwich with Tomato Soup on a cold, rainy Sunday afternoon -very familiar, very welcome and very comforting.  It's not going to winany Academy Awards or change the course of movie history, but this filmdelivers - competently and professionally - what it promises to deliverwith no fuss and no muss.

Starring film veterans Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Alan Arkin,GOING IN STYLE tells the story of how these three are pressed againstthe wall, financially, and their last resort is to rob a bank to getthe money they need.

And...it's fun...not hilarious...not groundbreaking, but fun.  Caine,Freeman and Arkin believably play 3 long time friends who are nearingthe end.  There is a comfort there with each other and it was pleasantto spend time with them.  Joining them was the one and only Ann-Margret and the always fun Christopher Lloyd (in, hands down, the bestperformance and most interesting character in the film).

Notice, I've used the words comforting, pleasant and pleasing.  I didNOT use the words groundbreaking, hilarious or epic.  I certainlyenjoyed myself and am glad I saw it.

And you will too, whether you see this film in the movie theater or runacross it as you are lying on the couch some rainy Sunday afternoon.

Letter Grade:  a solid "B"

7 (out of 10) stars and you can take that to the Bank (of Marquis)

Reviewed bybrennocarilloVote: 7/10/10
Joyful, hilarious, touching, exciting. "Going in Style" fits in allthese categories, proving how age does not – and should not – depriveactors of comedic spirit. Michael Cane ('Joe'), Morgan Freeman('Willie'), and Alan Arkin ('Al') give such good performances to thepoint that moments of lack of subtlety – from both the script and thedirection – are minimized instead of forgiven. It is a hell of a goodtime from beginning to end.

Down on their luck, the three old friends struggle to simply getthrough the day is becoming more unbearable each day. 'Joe' is underthe pressure of bank eviction notices, 'Willie' has to overcome thedistance from the family, and 'Al', well, could not care less as longas he is not alone. Alan Arkin, by the way, steals every scene –"Little Miss Sunshine" vibes.

Their situation reaches its breaking point when their pensions arefrozen. The three leads decide to rob their mutual bank and this partof the plot is what defines this movie for what it is. On the one hand,it plays up, to the maximum level, all the possible jokes and funnymoments applicable to the circumstance – and the payoff includes asupermarket scene that I will not forget so soon. Another way it worksis with the sneaky and twisty nature of the bank robbery operation –orchestrated with the help of 'Jesus' (John Ortiz). These do not justmake sense, but they are truly clever.

The part where it comes across as not as bright is in its efforts ofjustifying the leads actions. Of course, situations like this can anddo very well happen, and are genuine injustices. Michael Cane sellsthat emotion with a few dramatic scenes involving his granddaughter inthe film 'Brooklyn', played by Joey King. It is, however, in dealingwith the circumstances of the robbery and the nature of such asituation that it falls short. Again, this is does not get in the wayof it being a good and fully enjoyable film; it only keeps it fromhaving that extra level of much appreciated sophistication.

Ultimately, "Going in Style" does what it came to theaters to do: getconstant, big, and loud laughs from the audience. It providesspectators with incredible 90 or so minutes of good fun at the movies.Despite hilarious supporting performances by Christopher Lloyd as'Milton' and Ann-Margaret as 'Annie', the three Oscar winners leadscarry this film with such class and wit that it makes it really hardnot to enjoy the trip to the theater.


Reviewed byMisterWhiplashVote: 6/10/10
So here's the thing: if you told me, out of the blue, with no contextwhatsoever, that there was a heist flick with Michael Caine, MorganFreeman, Alan Arkin and Ann-Margaret (or you could have me at justCaine) where they plot to rob the Brooklyn bank that's screwed themover after a royal f***-over from their blue collar job, I'd say 'signme up!' That it would also be a comedy wouldn't be so bad an enticementeither; one might be reminded of something that could've starred thesesame actors from the 70's (ever seen The Hot Rock?) and spiked withsome relevant social issues. Matter of fact, as I only recentlylearned, this is a *remake* of a movie from the 70's (whether it hadthe same horrible-bank horrible-company thing I'm sure I don't know).

The problem is it's now 2017 and their age can't be taken out of thetext of the film - this is the Grumpy Old Men or even The Bucket Listof NYC heist movies - and the director Zach Braff is a hack. Sorry,but... no, I'm not sorry to type that. While I haven't Wish I Was Here,Garden State is not simply in retrospect but what I knew at the time tobe an unconvincing and cloying indie that had some decent acting and(not mutually exclusive) some highly self-conscious directorial movesand writing that... well, it didn't date well then much less now.

I don't mean to beat up on Braff's film - good for him for making amovie, it wasn't a crime or anything - except to point to how in histhird film out he has moved up to now making an unconvincing andtypical and safe middle-brow comedy. It's not that the trailer evenshowed anything like an edge, but... damn, he could've tried, not tomention some twists and reveals near the end that made me groan so loudI got looks from some of the AARP folks in the theater. Oh, and thesocial issues are dealt kind of up front and we only sort of see theconsequences/ramifications of what this does to people (it's closer tothe depth of something like Tower Heist in that way).

And yet I have an admiration for this movie getting to see these facesand, at the least, Braff doesn't get too much in the way of Caine andFreeman and Arkin to do what they can with Melfi's also safe script.They work well together and I found myself laughing more than Iexpected from if not all of the dialog (though there's one or twoclever moments from Melfi) then from how they deliver it. There'slifetimes of experience and knowledge and depths of pathos from theseactors, even with Arkin who always seems to be Cranky-Ass Arkin (butthis is likely an act, so to simply be this personality so convincinglyis impressive), and they play off with as much comedy as they can getfrom the supporting cast like Christopher Lloyd as a dementia-ishKnights of Columbus fellow and Ann Margaret as Arkin's would-be loveinterest.

The heist itself is shown in broad strokes and we can buy it because,um, movie. I was fine with most of it, up until it strains credulitythough this is largely when the alibis have to come out and all of theloose ends come together (and even here I could believe it, at least inthe predictable-safe world its set in). Maybe my critical standards aregetting rusty and I should harsher on this, not the least because itfeatures a set-up involving a botched preparatory theft of...ingredients for Chicken Cordon-Bleu from a small super-market that ispaid off in a way that makes less sense than it should. I wanted it todo a little more, but what it gave me was fine - I may just be a suckerfor this cast and that, for what morsels they're given, they do as muchand then some with it. It's an excellent Laundromat Movie: if it cameon while I was doing/waiting for my laundry, I'd be highly satisfied.

In a theater.... ehhh... Extra points too for Matt Dillon as anon-plussed cop and a humorous Keenan Thompson as the security hack atthe super-market.

The Plot Summary for Going in Style (2017)

A reboot of the 1979 movie that was directed by Martin Brest and featured George Burns, Art Carney, and Lee Strasberg. Three seniors, who are living social security check to check and even reduced to eating dog food at times, decide they have had enough. So, they plan to rob a bank...problem is, they don't even know how to handle a gun! A social commentary on growing old in America and what we are sometimes driven to, due to circumstances.

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