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The Reviews for Oliver & Company (1988) 1080p

Reviewed byMariamVote: 9/10/10
We've seen a musical version of Oliver, even an animated series, but ananimated musical with a cast of dogs and kitten called Oliver set in NewYork, you'd think it would be a disaster. But, thanks to Disney magic, thisfilm is a classic filled with songs that are never forgotten as well as thatwonderful combination of comedy and family drama.

When a homeless kitten comes across a street-wise dog with a gift for songand stealing hot dogs, little Oliver finds himself the member of anexclusive gang of thieving dogs. But before he even executes his firstcrime, he is discovered by a lonely little girl in need of a friend. Chaossoon ensues as Jenny and Oliver get caught up in a kidnapping by the classicevil villain.

It's a fun filled romp to be enjoyed by one and all over and overagain.

Reviewed byKristine (kristinedrama14@msn.com)Vote: 8/10/10
I know it sounds weird because this movie was made when I was a child,you'd think I would've seen it at an earlier age. But I never did andmy friend had the movie, I was curious and wondering why I never hadthe chance to see it. But I'm glad that I just got to see this movie,it was so much fun and I just missed the old time animation. It hadgreat music by the awesome Billy Joel and the animals were just soadorable.

Basically, Oliver is an orphan kitten the big city of New York andmeets a smooth street smart dog, Dodger. When Oliver follows Dodger tohis layer of other dogs who are led by a homeless man, Fagin, theydecide to keep Oliver. But when Oliver is learning the street smarts, alittle girl sees him and takes him home where he gets a nice lovingplace to stay, not to mention extremely wealthy. But the guys want himback and kidnap him to pay back the mean Mr. Sykes.

I thought this was a great introduction of Charles Dicken's immortalclassic for the kids. Not to mention that it was clever and witty, themusic is memorable and there are some very funny moments that both kidsand adults could get a kick out of. Believe me, this movie is good fun,but I'm still trying to find out why I didn't see it sooner.


Reviewed byMARIO GAUCI (marrod@melita.com)Vote: 7/10/10
Curiously endearing Disney animated feature inspired by "Oliver Twist",transposing the Dickensian favorite fairly successfully to a modern-dayNew York setting - with the villainous Bill Sykes as a mobster (flankedby a couple of vicious mastiffs). Stylistically, it lies somewherebetween LADY AND THE TRAMP (1955) and the adult-oriented films of RalphBakshi (without the sex and violence, naturally); as such, it standsoddly alongside the studio's usual fare from this rather lame era - andits vitality can now be seen to have foreshadowed the renaissance inquality (and critical appraisal) which they witnessed soon after,beginning with THE LITTLE MERMAID (1989). The anthropomorphiccharacters (which generally swamp the humans - Fagin is very much agood guy here, if still pitiful) are quite nicely fitted to classstereotypes: hence, we get a Hispanic chihauha (with an eye for theladies) and a posh bulldog, among others, while Dodger is basically anupdated version of Tramp and Oliver himself a cute but very bravekitten. The familiar and involved plot is all but jettisoned(especially in its second half) in favor of boisterous action andcharacter comedy, with a bouncy score and rapid pace to match. In theend, it proved surprisingly good - and, at just 74 minutes, shortenough not to overstay its welcome.

The Plot Summary for Oliver & Company (1988) 1080p

Inspired by Charles Dickens' "Oliver Twist". A homeless kitten named Oliver, roams the streets of New York, where he is taken in by a gang of homeless mutts who survive by stealing from others. During one of these criminal acts, Oliver meets a wealthy young girl named Jenny Foxworth. This meeting will forever change his life.

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