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  • Run Time: 85
  • IMDB Rating: 4.4/10 
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The Reviews for Finders Keepers (2014)

Reviewed byGL84Vote: 9/10/10
Moving into a new house, her daughter's connection to a strange dollleft at the house soon turns deadly when they find a series of deathsconnected to the being and must try to save her before it's too late.

This was actually quite a bit of fun and had a lot really going for it.The most important is the one that drives the whole film, as the dollitself is genuinely creepy and chilling with a defined look and airabout it that really has the appearance of something malevolent outthere. That goes a long way here towards making these actions all themore creepy and chilling by not only emphasizing what's going on butalso doing it along with the notions of it being committed by a creepydoll. That this leads to several highly enjoyable scenes as the coupletry to leave their apartment knowing that someone is in their with themleading into the final confrontation in the bedroom, the diner stalkingand finally the big confrontation in the house at the end which notonly adds a rather impressive amount of action to the proceedings sothat there's a lot to really like throughout this. From the numerousamount of time spent here trying to determine if what's going on hereis really just the doll or rather it's the girl committing everything,this subplot actually does a whole lot more than the rest of the filmcentered around the doll as there's enough life in this angle that itreally does seem believable that one of them is the real case herewhich is quite fun and makes the film wholly enjoyable as it tries toweave all the different encounters that could provide such answers.That, in effect, leaves the film with a slew of exciting confrontationscentered around a chilling main villain and augmented by enough creepyside-plots, actions and decent death scenes to make for a reallyexciting effort, though there's one rather big problem here that doeskeep this from a perfect score. Early on, the behavior of the girltowards her parents as well as people out on the town really should'vebeen handled better so that it doesn't reek of ineffective parenting ontheir part due to how uncontrollable she is. There's numerous occasionswhere the parents were totally justified in at the very least slappingthe girl or even providing a crueler source of discipline toward her tobe more accountable for her, yet none of this really happens whichcauses them to look quite ineffective at their responsibilities.Otherwise, this one tends to come off rather well.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Violence, Language, Brief Nudity andchildren-in-jeopardy.

Reviewed byyeltzmanmattVote: 7/10/10
My hopes were not too high before watching this but I was surprisedthat it is actually pretty good.

It's a familiar tale, family move into a house with a horrible historyand bad things happen. We have seen it all a hundred times but thanksto a good cast and some nice directing this still manages to satisfy.

There were a number of well handled tension filled scenes that provethat horror isn't and shouldn't be all about the gore. Although it'sfairly predictable I still felt pretty tense at times watching it. Thecast all did a good job but a special mention must go to the littlegirl who plays the young daughter Claire ( Kylie Rogers) who isgenuinely chilling as the possessed girl.

For a small budget horror film this is a good film and is certainly ona par with many of it's higher budgeted rivals.

Reviewed byNitzan HavocVote: 5/10/10
I happened to learn of this film while checking a trailer for another(good ol' YouTube recommendation). Apparently, it's an original TV filmmade by a channel called Syfy, a fact made obvious by the lighting andcinematography, and perhaps the fact that NONE of the main charactersare credited here on IMDb without clicking the "see full cast" link!

Anyways, nothing original about the story... violent murder in a house,reasons unknown, evil haunted doll recovered, rinse and repeat.Deja-vu? Bluntly so... I must say I liked the acting, especially by 10year old Kylie Rogers as little Claire. Having to play such a role whenyou're only 10 isn't easy (though not half as challenging or impressiveas other young lead roles like in Mama or The Ring), and I think Rogersshowed some real talent.

The story develops nicely, but not more than that. The doll is prettycreepy though! Not easy presenting scary dolls nowadays after the highraft set by Saw and The Conjuring. Certain scenes were really amateur,for instance when one of the characters trips on a wire it is painfullyvisible that she simply ducked and rolled down the stairs... Why givestuntman Steve Austin the first credit when other stunts were somiserably performed? Beats me.

All in all, this is the kind of films you can definitely enjoy, butonly if you set your Horror meter to mediocre and below. I enjoyedwatching it, and I liked the fact that it lacked any sex, gore orextreme violence, making it suitable for younger Horror fans. It isn'tterrible, but it's far from great. As always, I recommend you ignore my(or anyone else's) opinion and judge for yourselves!

The Plot Summary for Finders Keepers (2014)

A divorced mother of one is thrown into turmoil when her young daughter becomes obsessed with an evil doll left behind by the previous occupants of their new home.

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