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  • Genre: Drama | Fantasy
  • Resolution: 1920*1080
  • Size: 2.01G
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 132
  • IMDB Rating: 6.4/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 21 / 195

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The Reviews for The Shack (2017) 1080p

Reviewed bypatsworldVote: 9/10/10
This is a wonderful family film. Here's a tip for Hollywood. My friendand I go to a matinée pretty much every week. There are sometimes, atmost, a dozen, sometimes a half dozen, people in the theater. For thisone? The room was a good half full. Now tell me why Hollywood insistson producing nasty, foul, poorly-written and acted pieces of trash allthe time? Really. Anyway, this one gives you so much to think about.There are several instances of symbolism in this picture that took mybreath away, that brought me to tears. Well written, well-acted, thisone is so worth seeing. I am anxious to see it again and trust me, thatisn't often the case. I took away from that theater a new feeling andI've thought about several of the lines of dialogue many times since.The truth and the trust of this picture will stay with you. I know itdid me. I am always surprised by Tim McGraw. The man can surely sing,but he can also act. He's a natural. Octavia Spencer seems to be inabout every movie there is lately - well, not quite but still -however, there is a reason. She is wonderful. She brings her role tolife every time. And she most certainly did in this one. Trust me, thisis one you want to see. Take your family. Take your friends. Or goalone. Doesn't matter. Just see it.

Reviewed byCindy TrappVote: 10/10/10
I loved the book, and therefore was very interested to see the movieproduction. I thought the movie followed the book as closely as I'veever observed before...while there are differences, the essence of themessage, and desire of God to have a personal relationship with eachone of us - came through. I thought the casting was well done, and thevisual translations of the book's imagery close to how I "imagined" itin reading. Thank you for bringing this book to the big screen, and Ihope many find hope in Jesus, outside of religion.

Reviewed by (dkoonts)Vote: 10/10/10
If you enjoyed the book--you will love the movie. The movie addressesthe ageless philosophical question, "Why does God let bad thingshappen?" It presents some theology in an unorthodox fashion--but not aheretical one. I found it more inspiring than Narnia--which I dearlylove. The film follows the book closely, but not 100%. As a film andstory it's not perfect--but it's very close. If you have an open mind,I suggest you see it.

The Plot Summary for The Shack (2017) 1080p

After the abduction and presumed death of Mackenzie Allen Phillips' youngest daughter, Missy, Mack receives a letter and suspects it is from God, asking him to return to The Shack where Missy may have been murdered. After contemplating it, he leaves his home to go to The Shack for the first time since Missy's abduction and an encounter that will change his life forever.

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