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  • IMDB Rating: 7.2/10 
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The Reviews for Bone Tomahawk (2015)

Reviewed bySir_Film_FanVote: 9/10/10
Just finished this and can't believe there's no buzz... I just HAD toenter a review as its easily one of the best movies of the year. Take adash of your favourite exploitation film and mix it with your favouriteold school western and you almost have Bone Tomahawk. A movie that hasa simple premise of love and revenge. It starts out with 4 verydifferent characters traversing the old west frontier on a rescuemission to save a fellas wife who was kidnapped by savages. Hilariousone liners delivered with subtle perfection by our 4 heroes who youwill grow to love throughout this adventure. Richard Jenkins characterChicory is especially endearing and it even features horror legend SidHaig, what a treat!

However a little warning as what starts out as a western revengeadventure turns into some visceral horror towards the end which may jarsome viewers.

This movie has all of the trappings of a classic and it's really toobad there's not more people talking about it at this point. If you area genre fan there is no way you will not love this movie. Reallysomething special that I foresee earning cult status, one of thosemovies we will look back on and wonder how did the public and criticsmiss this?

Watch this immediately!

Reviewed byhammitVote: 9/10/10
This film is a great example of what Hollywood is sorely lacking thesedays: Originality! Like other reviewers have mentioned, this is slowburning western/horror flick that keeps building the suspense until thefinale. It's not an edge-of-your-seat thriller that is loaded withaction, but it has enough to keep your interest. It has more of atypical western feel to it in terms of character development. Thedialogue is spot on for this genre. The acting is superb and plot isgenuine. I think that it speaks volumes about the script given the factthat the actors signed on for minimum pay (that means they WANTED to bein this film for the script and plot). The gore is definitely there forthe horror fans, although I would say that if you are seeking a lot ofgore, you may be disappointed. It does have some that is prettygraphic. I definitely would not let children or even some teenagerswatch this, its an adult movie. If you are a fan of westerns, I thinkyou'll like it a lot. If you are a Kurt Russell fan, you will not bedisappointed (this was his first western since Tombstone). PatrickWilson and Matthew Fox make an excellent supporting cast anddemonstrate their acting skills well. This is a new cult classic!

Reviewed byWinterbornTMVote: 8/10/10
Bone Tomahawk is a 2015 western-horror written and directed by S. CraigZahler and starring Kurt Russell, Patrick Wilson, Matthew Fox andRichard Jenkins.

The story follows four men, the town's sheriff (Russell), a cowboy(Wilson), the back-up deputy (Jenkins) and a gunslinger (Fox) who go onan expedition to retrieve a group of captives from some cannibalisticcave-dwellers. The four actors really shine in this movie, giving verygood performances, especially Matthew Fox as John Brooder. It's good tosee Fox in such a good role, considering he hasn't done that much sincethe Lost years.

The movie gives us a very good look at the Old West. As the four menmake their journey, we learn more and more about them and theirmotivations. Sheriff Franklin Hunt is a man who wants nothing more thanthe safety of his town and is willing to do anything to protect it.Arthur O'Dwyer is a cowboy who has a serious leg injury but still goesinto this expedition, because for him the stakes are personal. Chicoryis a simple-minded old deputy but with amazing loyalty for the sheriff.John Brooder is a well-dressed well- mannered gentleman who joins theride because he is a trigger-happy gunslinger with a personal vendettaagainst the natives.

The script is very well-written, giving us full tri-dimensionalcharacters. Also the dialogue and the mannerisms feel very authentic,transporting you back to the Old West. As I said in the beginning, thismovie is a horror-western, and that really shows in the third act.There are some brutal, gore-scenes that will not be easy to digest (nopun intended) for those faint of heart. One slight negative about thismovie is the pacing. Sometimes it feels a little too slow, but notenough so that it will ruin your enjoyment.

Bone Tomahawk is a very good movie, with an interesting premise and anice twist on the western genre. It's a movie that could have gonewrong in so many ways, but surprisingly, it doesn't. Sporting somegreat characters and an intriguing storyline, Bone Tomahawk deserves an8 out of 10!

The Plot Summary for Bone Tomahawk (2015)

Four men set out in the Wild West to rescue a group of captives from cannibalistic cave dwellers.

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