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  • Genre: Action | Adventure
  • Resolution: 1920*808
  • Size: 1.23G
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  • Frame Rate: 23.976
  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 90
  • IMDB Rating: 4.5/10 
  • MPR: PG-13
  • Peers/Seeds: 1 / 4

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The Reviews for Robot Overlords (2014) 1080P


Reviewed byPhillip TurnerVote: 7/10
I've never posted a review before. I'm sick to death of reading reviews from nobodies full of self-aggrandising rubbish of the look-at-me-I'm-so-knowledgeable kind. When I read IMDb reviews I want to know the answer to one question: is this film worth watching. Answer: Yes. Extra comment for people who need more: It is not blade runner nor star wars nor aliens nor any other visually stunning or game changing movie. It was fun to watch as long as you remember it a film for kids. Yes the story is the same basic good fights evil that, um, oh yes, 90% of all movies released in the last 20 years are about. So what. It was entertaining, it was refreshing to see a SciFi film not set in the NewYork or some other major US city. Why should every Alien invasion land on the white house lawn. I liked it. My kids liked it. We were entertained.

A worthwhile Brit Sci-fi pitched at the teen market

Reviewed bys3276169Vote: 7/10
I'm surprised by some of the caustic reviews of Robot Overlords. I can but assume the reviewers missed the memo that explains this film is clearly pitched at a teen audience. That said, Robot Overlords has enough on offer to prove enjoyable for anyone. Its adopts a softened approach to sci-fi, with the hard core death and destruction found in films like Alien, left on the shelf. What you get instead is a cleverly directed film, that is more reminiscent of Doctor Who or perhaps the Sarah Jane adventures. The hero is a young teen boy and his friends who, inexplicably, take on an invading army of robots who conquered the armies of earth in short order. The story is not supposed to be taken seriously and instead, represents a fun ride for those willing to accept the limitations imposed, which reflect the ages of the likely target audience. The acting is good with a strong cast and pretty decent special effects. My advice ignore the negative nellies and give Robot Overlords a go, you won't be disappointed. Seven out of ten from me.

For fans of old school scifi

Reviewed byamesmondeVote: 5/10
After eleven days the Robots from space took over Earth, three years later a group of youngsters figure out a way to fight back. There's a handful of dedicated British actors including Tamer Hassan as Wayne and a cameo from Geraldine James. Sir Ben Kingsley appears as a traitor to the human race with a northern accent and Gillian Anderson stars along side the young lead actors who figure out how to defuse their restraining blots that keep them under home arrest. Writers Jon Wright and Mark Stay borrow elements from classic film and TV science fiction shows, Matrix and Terminator-like flying machines, giant century robots, Borg space cubes and Stars Wars droid restraints to name a few. Even dogfighting spitfires like in ID4 and Robcop's ED-209 countdowns. Callan McAuliffe is notable as Sean Flynn who with the help of his friends go looking for his Dad Danny played by Steven Mackintosh. The scope sometimes feels BBC kitsch but Wright offers some nice explosions and special effects. There's a beat pounding score with a Brit location and retro feel reminiscent of a mix of Dr. Who and the Daleks (1965), Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D. (1966), The World's End (2013), Lifeforce and 1984. Hardened scifi fans may want to skip Wrights' bread and butter addition as its derived from many other science fictions. While not as thought provoking as the recent The Machine, as fun as Attack the Block or as good as World's End, it is nicely put together and worth viewing for fans of old school British scifi who may get a restraining jolt buzz from this production.

The Plot Summary for Robot Overlords (2014) 1080P

Alien robots come to Earth and assert their control over humanity. They claim that they only want to observe humanity. They enforce a strict no one allowed outside rule. They implant humans with a device that alerts sentries to anyone who goes outside and if they refuse to comply they are destroyed. They also employ humans to be their proctors. One of these men is Robin Smythe. He tries to get Kate Flynn to be his wife but she still mourns her husband whom Smythe says died. But her son Sean, doesn't believe it. He sends messages out asking anyone who knows anything about his father to tell him. One day he and three young people are fooling around when they discover that they turned off their implant. That's when they go outside and someone answers Sean's message and tells him where his father is. So he goes out to find him But Smythe pursues him and brings his mother as leverage. And when the robots corner Sean he somehow manages to control them. So the Robots are curious why he can do that. So they tell Smythe to capture him.

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