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  • IMDB Rating: 6.3/10 
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The Reviews for Good Kill (2014) 1080P

A deep film that is more of a thinking movie than an entertaining one

Reviewed byAbdullah AlmosalamiVote: 9/10
This is a, at least in my opinion, a realistic portrayal of the inner conflict of UAV "pilot" and has very real characters with very real moral conflicts, and to me, that's a very interesting setup and my kind of movie. I don't think this'll be everyone's movie though. There's no epic awesome action sequence or extremely tense moments (there is a couple of moments that are more intense than the overall feel of the movie but not super intense). The main thing this movie has going for it is the deep gray-area type of moral conflict that the characters (not just the main character) face and it makes you think about them. Towards the end however, there is a very satisfactory feel that made you feel good and "all is just in the world" and that's a big plus for a movie like this, because a lot of these types of movie end in somewhat of an empty way. Now, as stated, because this isn't a entertainment kind of movie, there are going to be people saying that the characters were boring and monotonous, etc., but really, that's what fit the movie setup, and that's what is realistic. It's definitely not for everyone, but it was my type of film and I enjoyed it and plan to rewatch it to rethink through the moral conflicts in the movie.

It sure gets you to think....

Reviewed byplanktonrulesVote: 9/10
"Good Kill" reunites director Andrew Niccol with Ethan Hawke. Previously, they worked together in a terrific sci-fi film, "Gattaca". "Gattaca" was terrific because the film brought up many social issues in addition to being extremely entertaining. "Good Kill" is very similar in that it brings up many important issues and is also exceptionally well made and entertaining. It's so good, I cannot wait for these two to work together in the future. This movie is set in Nevada back in 2010. The use of attack drones by the US military is on the increase and one of their best pilots is Tom Egan (Hawke). But since this is a new kind of war, Egan can kill Afghan rebels on the other side of the world...yet go home to his wife and kids at the end of the day. This all seems very surreal...yet folks like him are doing this every day. During all this time flying strikes for the Air Force, Egan is efficient and seems to have little compunction about what he's doing. However, when he begins to do assignments for the CIA as well, he and another member of his team, Corporal Suarez (Zoe Kravitz), start having problems because the old rules of engagement are gone. No longer will they make sure with the same level of certainty before launching missiles at human beings. Now, they're being told who to attack and when...even when there are innocent civilians nearby in some cases and in others when they aren't sure they're getting the right people. At the same time all this is happening and Egan is having his doubts, his wife (January Jones) is also having her doubts--about their marriage. After all, Tom never talks about what he does and he's so distant. Heck, he almost never talks at all and he keeps internalizing his doubts--and in the process he pushes his lovely wife away. How is this all to end? He cannot keep drinking and stuffing his feelings down deeper and deeper forever--something has to give. This is an excellent film in every way. The script is very well written (also by Niccole) and the film doesn't pull any punches. It shows the ugliness of war and the ambiguities. Most importantly, it shows the emotional toll on those fighting this new and very unconventional war. It also forces the viewer to think about so many issues. But what I also really like about the film is that it has mass appeal--no matter what you think about this conflict, the movie has something that will resonate with the viewer. It is a truly unique film that would appeal to those on the left, the right and middle of the political spectrum and is well worth your time.

War ethics? Psychological effects of killing people through a screen? Well worth the detour...

Reviewed byNathaniel Jones ( 8/10
About 20 minutes in I started to really gravitate to the subject material. I didn't realize this was going to be a film that would capture my attention as much as it did. The main story is about the drone operators in our armed services, and his life while doing a job that requires taking lives all too frequently. Its very interesting, watching the psychological stresses of "being a fly on the wall," much less a fly with the option to light your day up. Basically, a drone operator's job consists of killing and spying on terrorists. As a part of a drone team currently operating various military and CIA operations, the main characters live in Vegas, and pretty much do this from their local office just down the road from home. So these "soldiers" don't tour like a normal soldier might. They're posted locally... And their jobs do not require travel with today's communication tech. You see, They get into their car... Drive to an undisclosed military base (close by daily commute)... Walk into a trailer loaded with state of the art communications and drone equipment... Sit down at their station... And kill people on the other side of the planet through a monitor with super HD resolution. (Military tech blows your progressive scan out of the water, just saying.) The job is far from a normal one... "You punch out... You drive home to your picture perfect neighborhood, your picture perfect family, but the images stay with you... Your actions... Stay with you." Hands down a great topic to base a film on. Really enjoying it thoroughly... By 40 minutes into this film, every news report I've seen on drones, every public debate and moral argument about the accountability in drone strikes... It all shot to the front of my thoughts as John Stewart rants suddenly came into focus. A worthy watch... Real eye opener to how easily these resources could be abused and miss used by our shadowy government structure. Leaves so many ethical boundaries scathed by the existence of this truly "hands off" way of going to war... And the kicker? We've been doing it for years. Its no wonder America is so hated... Great film. Does a wonderful job exploring the arguments from every side... And makes some great points that show how grey war and terrorism can become. At what point does "fighting terrorism" cross that line? When do the protectors of freedom become another societies terrorist? This all comes into question as the supervisors of the drone teams make it very clear to them that their mission is a "Pre-Emptive Strike" against terrorism. It touches on so many conversations that would demand too much accountability... Yet, our continued actions literally propel a cycle of violence forward by becoming the "PreEmptive" strikers. It does good making the viewer aware of the potential "other side" perspective on how American's operate. It does a better job showing the psychological effects on the drone pilots that are forced to follow questionably unethical orders... Day, after day, after day. I gotta say... Its a dialog that needs to happen. I'm really pleased someone made this film. They pulled together an excellent presentation of the issue while entertaining me with solid performances and an occasionally moving script. This is a great film for anyone who wants to learn about what our military is doing and how drone strikes work... It keeps you engaged once you're in, offers a fair amount of big moments to chew on, and ultimately weaves a great story. Dare I say, its as good as American Sniper... Just in different ways. You can tell the films are by two completely different teams. But thats not to say the stories aren't equally compelling in nature. I have to say that beyond the movie... Its awesome to see Ethan Hawke in so many interesting roles over the last couple years. Totally worth your time. Great film.

The Plot Summary for Good Kill (2014) 1080P

A Las Vegas-based fighter pilot turned drone pilot fights the Taliban by remote control for 12 hours a day, then goes home to the suburbs and feuds with his wife and kids for the other 12. But the pilot is starting to question the mission. Is he creating more terrorists than he's killing? Is he fighting a war without end.

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