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  • IMDB Rating: 6.4/10 
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  • Peers/Seeds: 3 / 10

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The Reviews for The Alibi (2006)

Reviewed bygradyharpVote: 8/10/10
So states the risk management owner of a service that creates 'coverlies' for adulterous affairs. And up to a point that statement makesRay Elliott (Steve Coogan) seem like an honest if distorted serviceprovider, covering the tracks with high technology so that cheatinghusbands can have affairs without the danger of their wives' discovery.

Smartly written by Noah Hawley and directed with style by MattCheckowski and Kurt Mattila, LIES & ALIBIS delivers a new twist tosuspense films laced with comedy yet filled with tension, murder, andall manner of underground derring-do. Ray Elliott is a smooth talkerwho manages to discreetly provide protection for business men who cheaton their wives using photographers to set up situations, falsifyingcredit cards and names and hotel room reservations, staging gifts forsuspicious wives to stave off their concerns, etc. All proceeds welluntil Ray's primary client Robert Hatch (James Brolin) hires Ray tocover his son Wendell's (James Marsden) Santa Barbara bed andbreakfast, pre-wedding escapade with a S&M girlfriend of one Hannibal(John Leguizamo) - a spree that carries out a bit too far in that thegirl is dead by Wendell's inadvertent orders during the 'game'. Samtakes on the voluptuous Lola (Rebecca Romijn) as his new assistant anddiscovers she is as brainy as she is beautiful. He employs her to helphis cover of the murder (Ray had switched IDs with Wendell in a plannedalibi cover for the fling), breaking his own rules, and Lola ends upsaving the day through a manner of crosses and double crosses thatfling off the screen so fast that it takes powerful concentration tokeep the story progress straight - just the way coordinated crimebehaves! The manner in which this spree takes place involves a largecast including Jon Polito, Deborah Kara Unger, Selma Blair, Sam Elliottand a fine crew of bit players. Steve Coogan and Rebecca Romijn makethe whole caper tick like a time bomb, giving the film elegance andjust the right balance of noir and romance. The rapid-firecinematography is by Enrique Chediak and the always dependableAlexandre Desplat provides the musical score (with a heavy nod toOffenbach's Barcarolle from 'Tales of Hoffman'). For an evening offast-paced intrigue, romance, tension, and creative writing and acting,LIES & ALIBIS is a sure bet. Grady Harp

Reviewed bywrlangVote: 8/10/10
Lies and Alibis is about a guy who runs a risk management company thatspecializes in giving cheating spouses alibis. He hires a new girl tohelp out and they fall for each other. Some well known actors help keepthe comedic situations funny. Turns out many people are looking forthis guy and he has done a good job of hiding in plain sight until now.He must scramble to give himself his own alibi while taking care of thepeople who exposed him to his hunters. I didn't expect much from thecover or the cast, but this was actually quite a funny movie with lotsof twists at the end. It's also done in relatively good taste whichmeans its good for everyone over 13.

Reviewed byTom SmithVote: 8/10/10
My wife and I loved "Lies & Alibis" it was a terrific, sophisticated,classy movie of the "Oceans Eleven" genre.

My wife and I both had the same, singular complaint. The sound mixingwas horrible. There were several occasions where the "background" musicwas too loud and despite repeated replays, we couldn't figure out whatthe character was saying.

Despite the sound problems, the movie was FANTASTIC!!! It was aconfluence of many disparate lives. It was a combination of thesophisticated "Oceans Eleven" and some of the sophistication of "TheThomas Crown Affair".

The cast (Steve Coogan, Rebecca Romijn, Sam Elliot and James Marsden)were terrific. The script was flawless. It's a complex story of aconfidence man who juggles many different "jobs" and all the falloutwhich can and/or does happen.

If you liked the many faceted manipulations of strategy in OceansEleven and the sophistication of The Thomas Crown Affair, you'll love"Lies & Alibis".

The Plot Summary for The Alibi (2006)

The crook Ray Elliot, whose former partner Jack is under a five million dollars contract, believes in statistics and runs a risk assessment and managing business, actually a front for a company that provides alibis to adulterous people that cheat their mates. He does not accept to give alibis for crimes and he has just hired the alluring Lola to be his assistant. When Wendell Hatch, the reckless son of his wealthy client Robert Hatch, accidentally kills his masochist date Heather in a kinky S&M game, Ray breaks his rules to protect his own name and hire some guys to clean the bedroom and vanish the body. Sooner Ray has many problems to resolve: the police is in his tail trying to find a clue about the disappearance of Heather; her jealous Mexican-American boyfriend wishes revenge against the murderer; Wendell is upset because Ray told his father about the crime; Robert is angry and hires the hit-man Mormon to kill Ray...

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