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A different sea of joy!

Reviewed byarnab_dasswayamVote: 9/10
Anand means joy. The central character Anand, the protagonist of a noble philosophy of life is a cheerful urban loner who has been suffering from cancer. Bhaskar, who comes of a different linguistic region, is highly affectionate and respectful to his ever-restless friend Anand due to his enthusiasm, indomitable philanthropic passion and optimism about life. In recognition of his feelings to his friend, Anand is fond of calling Bhaskar with a different nickname "Babumasai", which means "great gentleman". Bhaskar in spite of being a good and serious physician fails to delay the death of Anand and mourns a lot commemorating the precious moments with the great man, whom he could not cure. An urban Indian setting beside a sea provides the narrative with a meaningful physical backdrop.

The directorial experiment of idealizing an ever-lively individual Anand in keeping with the mannerism of the star actor Rajesh Khanna is proved to be unforgettable professional success in Indian cinema. Another historical contribution of the film is the invaluable exposure and success of a great Indian actor Amitabh Bachchan in characterizing Bhaskar at the earliest phase of Bachchan's career. For the spectators today the speed of the narrative is sometimes unnecessarily slow, but the criticism should not count wonderful editing. Hrishikesh Mukherjee in extension of his previous reputed editing experience offered a simple and compact narrative of popularizing a serious urban theme with tragic end. An acceptable script, which is full of good humor and touch of humanist emotion, supports the overall indifference to death and urban loneliness. Salil Chowdhury presents several wonderful songs, which have remained exceptional in their lyrics and melody. Perhaps, Hrishikesh Mukherjee is one of the pioneers in framing and editing musical shots in Indian movie.

Another significant aspect of the film is the organic network of the characters in representing a humanitarian tragic narrative. The four major character positions are Anand, Bhaskar who is Annad's Babumasai, a few less prominent females and the less known supportive urban identities. Almost none of them are negatively featured. The central and most interesting dyad is Anand-Babumasai relationship. The ideal construct of a traditionally steady, professionally successful, introvert, married Indian male character of Bhaskar is contrast to boyishly insistent, restless, talkative and softhearted Anand, who is very sociable and also decisively withdrawn from any love relation, but highly committed to friendship. Both of them have positive attitude towards femininity, but in practice they differ. After the death of Anand while Bhaskar cries his heart out in acknowledging his overwhelming greatness, two contrary characters finally become complementary to each other with respect to the orientation of the narrative. A viewer gets four major positions in order to identify their emotion. One may identify with Anand, who might appear greater than ideal male identity of Bhaskar. One may find out a Bhaskar in himself. One may like to appreciate and respect the relationship. One may feel himself/herself less responsive to the height of the local construct of emotion, a union of joy and sadness. The last position is unlikely to be the focus of the film. Any positive response to the film indicates the success of a different representation of urban Indian ideals and optimism.


Reviewed byPrateek DhamVote: 9/10
I just finished watching this beautiful movie 10 minutes earlier,and I hardly have any words to describe how wealthy I am feeling right now.First of all,I must tell you that I am an avid,self proclaimed movie-freak,but I must admit I never thought highly of old Hindi movies,even if they have been showered with numerous critical acclaims and awards et al.But Asit Sen's wonderful masterpiece "Khamoshi" and "Anand" have proved me wrong miserably.This movie was intense and left me immensely depressed and crying buckets in the middle of the night.It might well have been the best movie by the director-par-excellence Hrishikesh Mukherjee,of whom I've been hearing of for the last 20 years of my rather uneventful life.

Hrishikesh Mukherjee used the to-be very popular phrase "Babumoshai" in this flick of his.Raj Kapoor,another legend in Indian cinema,used to address Hrishikesh Mukherjee by the same gesture.Rajesh Khanna lovingly uses this phrase throughout the movie to call Amitabh Bachchan,sometimes to tease him,he other times in a serious tone.

That's where the unorthodox beauty of this movie lies.Anand Saigal(played in an unparalleled way by Rajesh 'Superstar' Khanna) is a happy-go-lucky man suffering from an incurable disease.He keeps other people happy.Bhasker Bannerjee(Amitabh Bachchan) is the doctor who's taking care of Anand in his last stages,and is spell-bound by the energy Anand still oozes and the zeal with which he's accepted his current living moments,that are soon to vanish.The story revolves around these two characters who give a new dimension to acting in serious cinema.

"Anand" won the national award for being the best picture of the year 1971.This was far before Amitabh became a mega-superstar.He displays some magical moments in this movie.Rajesh Khanna is mesmerising as the main protagonist.He seriously could act,brought tears to anybody who saw this amazing motion picture.The last scene deserves special notice,and I am not going to spoil the party for the people who might see this movie after reading this review of mine,by revealing it."Anand" is a movie that could only come once in a lifetime and it left me speechless.

zindagi badi honi chahiye lambi nahin (life should be big not long)

Reviewed bymanoj agrawalVote: 8/10
In 1970, Rajesh Khanna was the biggest star and was shooting for multiple movies along with Anand. But it seems he would take some time out from his other schedules would come to Hrishi da and ask him if he could shoot the next scene from Anand. That's how eager and dedicated he was to Anand. Probably he knew that this was the movie that he would be remembered for.

The movie narrates like the pages of a diary of one Dr. Bhaskar Bannerjee and his relationship with Anand Sehgal who he treated for cancer. Despite of such a heavy theme the movie is high spirited just like Anand Sehgal who likes to laugh in the face of death. Special mention should be made for attention given to each character in the movie. All the characters are well etched and everyone has given a truly inspired performance.

The last sequence must be the most dramatic sequence that I have seen in any movie. Music by Salil Chaudhary and lyrics by Yogesh and Gulzar are apt and wonderful. Definitely one of the best movies made in India.

The Plot Summary for Anand (1971)

A melodramatic tale of a man with a terminal disease. The story begins with Dr Bhaksar winning a literary prize for his book about a patient called Anand. The rest is flashback. Anand, the title character, is suffering from lymphosarcoma of the intestine. He, however appears to be cheerful on the outside and is determined to extract as much pleasure from his remaining lifespan as is possible. Dr. Bhaskar his physician tends to Anand in his last days. After Anand dies we can however still hear his voice which was recorded on a tape. Dr Bhakser writes a book on his patient and wins a literary prize for it

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