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The Reviews for Tonight She Comes (2016) 1080p

Reviewed byjtindahouseVote: 6/10/10
You know that feeling when you finish a film and you think to yourself,what the hell did I just watch? There may never be a truer case forthinking that than after 'Tonight She Comes'. This movie is utterlybizarre. In a good way, you ask? That's a tough question to answer.It's a film that is very hard to get your head around how much youactually enjoyed it, because again you aren't entirely sure what youjust saw.

What was the object of the film I would ask myself? Was it to be scary?If so, I'd say it was middle of the road. There were some genuinelycreepy moments at times, but the overall theme of the movie didn't seemlike it was trying to frighten you. There are no jump-scares that I canremember, for example (a good thing). Was it to be gory and gruesome?On that one I think you'd have to issue it a check mark. There are somegoings on toward the end of the film that I actually had to turn awayfrom. I'm generally pretty comfortable watching most things you put onscreen, but this was tough to sit through. Or finally, was it simplytrying to be as bizarre and unique as it possibly could? Again I thinkyou'd have to issue a check mark. This is a film pretty unlike anythingelse. I can't even think of a film to compare it to.

So even though I didn't exactly enjoy 'Tonight She Comes' overall thatmuch (it certainly had its moments though) I think whichever way youlook at it the film pretty much achieved what it set out to, and forthat reason should be applauded. It's a tough film to recommend topeople (because I honestly have no idea whether they would love it orhate it), but I can say you likely won't be bored by it.

Reviewed byshawnblackmanVote: 6/10/10
Right from the start we're told this must be played loud as hell andthen 70's grindhouse style titles are splashed on the screen. Thistells me this flick is gonna rock.

Some friends and the mailman, get mixed up in a weird devil cult ritualwith the local wackos. Things get very bad.

They come through on the soundtrack with the loud synthesizer typemusic and keep the violence gory. The effects were awesome with plentyof blood. They even use a totally naked woman smeared in blood as thedemonic vessel who walks around taking peoples lives. So you'll have toput up with that for most of the film.

One aspect of the film you'll like is how they try and break everytaboo imaginable just for shock value. For example the two girls areenjoying a bottle of beer as they drive down the road and a guymasturbates in the back seat of a mail vehicle putting the result allover the mail. This stuff happens in the first four minutes, so youknow what you're in for. The end was cut short but overall a fastpaced, kick ass flick. If you enjoyed Evil Dead this one will be rightup your alley.

6 donations of period blood for the blood drinking ritual out of 10.

Reviewed bylathe-of-heavenVote: 4/10/10
I don't usually write reviews about films that I didn't like, but inthis case I had such a nasty reaction to it, I thought I should comehere and leave some of my impressions...

I really DO like the premise. It's very rare to see a truly creepymodern 'Devil Cult' film that is really effective, so I was honestlyhopeful. I also really did like the Retro electronic score too. me anyway, whenever film makers, despite a good premise or even somenice stylistic touches, like the soundtrack, immediately dive into thelowest, mind-numbingly STUPID behaviour and dialog, then they lose meright away. ANY Horror film where they immediately depict the youngpeople as Oh-So-Excruciatingly-Hip with their bass level crude remarks,style, and manner, to me that honestly completely ruins whatever reallyGOOD story or any potential that a film may have. I like the reviewabove by the fellow from New Zealand. He didn't really quite know whathe just saw or if he really liked it, or if he could recommend it toothers. He thought it was 'original', but not much else.

I think the reason why I feel such a strong negative reaction to thismovie is because it's like the film makers come across as thinking thatthe audience is SO blindingly senseless, that we will automaticallythink it is SO cool to be barraged with painfully crude, UNrealisticdialog and behaviour. It's like we are supposed to 'buy' this idea thatyoung people all act this way today, and it is somehow 'Normal' orexpected. To me anyway, the characters come across as SO plastic andaffected, and trying SO hard to be 'cool', that it completely takes aperson right out of the movie and ruins any kind of resonance with thecharacters or involvement in the story.

Sadly, if the film makers would have just put the exact same story outthere and pretty much developed the plot, tension, suspense, and eventhe violence in an ARTFUL way, WITHOUT all the 'cool' self-referential'oh I am being so youthfully crude and hip' crap, THEN, sure, the storyabout a Devil Cult and the young people who fall prey to them couldreally have been quite good.

So, PLEASE... just leave out all the crude, supposedly 'hip' nonsenseand give us characters, young or not, who ACT NATURAL & NORMAL enough,so that the rest of us can actually relate to them and buy into thestory and the believability of who they are and what is happening tothem. Otherwise, as far as I am concerned, the whole thing is prettymuch just a pointless collection of crude, violent images strungtogether for shock value, and not much else because ultimately, yousimply end up not giving a flying $hit for anyone here...

I fully agree with COVENTRY'S review above: Stupid, senseless, andabove all, incredibly INSULTING to the audience that we have to have astory packaged this crudely for us to think it's so awesome. Thecurrent average '5' rating is honestly still far too high for this inmy lowly and wretched opinion...

I normally do not go out of my way to write bad reviews of films Idon't like, but this is one of the rare cases where I honestly felt soinsulted by the style and approach of the film makers, that I just hadto write this. Sorry the review is so one-sided, but as you likely cantell, this movie really provoked a VERY negative response from me...

The Plot Summary for Tonight She Comes (2016) 1080p

After a girl goes missing, two of her friends and a mysterious set of strangers find themselves drawn to the cabin in the woods where she disappeared. They will laugh, they will drink, they will kiss, they will make love, and THEY MUST ALL DIE.

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