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The Reviews for Monkeys, Go Home! (1967)

Reviewed byrug-5Vote: 7/10/10
I loved watching this as a kid. It was in two parts on Sunday nights on"The Wonderful World Of Disney" or whatever name the show was using atthe time. And our country (New Zealand) only had B&W.

As a young lad, I was particularly impressed by Yvette Mimieux. Dropdead gorgeous.

Seeing it again a few years later, it didn't feel the same but themovie is still good light entertainment.

I guess all shows seem a lot better when you're young. Nevertheless,its better than some other stuff out there that I've revisited, hencethe 7 rating.

If I see it out on DVD on a cheap label I plan to buy it.

Reviewed bybkoganbingVote: 4/10/10
The last time Maurice Chevalier appeared before a movie camera was inthis anemic comedy from the Magic Kingdom, Monkeys Go Home. Although hewould contribute his voice for an animated Disney project, TheAristocats, this was his farewell to the cinema. Not the best film forFrance's ambassador to the world to go out on.

Chevalier is the village priest and confidante of young American DeanJones who has inherited some land in the south of France and olivegroves to go with it. I will say this for the film, I learned moreabout the growing and harvesting of the olives more than I everexpected. The problem is in the harvesting, but Dean's got that lickedso he thinks with the training of four female chimpanzees to do thelabor. The chimps do work cheap and that upsets a lot of plansincluding those of Clement Harrari the villain of our piece who is areal estate entrepreneur. Nice to see some of them are as unscrupulousin France as they are on this side of the pond. Harrari has as ahenchman Bernard Worringer who is jealous because Yvette Mimieux likesthe new American settler better than him.

Monkeys Go Home just doesn't quite get off the ground as a comedy, DeanJones would have to wait until he found a Volkswagen with a soul beforehe scored big in Disney films. One bit I thought was a bit much for theDisney family studio. Yvette Mimieux believes in all work and no playis not good for the four female chimpanzees and buys a male. Now youdon't have to have a degree in animal husbandry to figure out what'sgoing to happen to your simian work force at that point. I'm surprisedthat bit got out at the Magic Kingdom.

Maurice Chevalier is usual dapper and charming self, I do so wish hehad a better film to make his exit with.

Reviewed bymoonspinner55Vote: 4/10/10
Residents of a French village attempt to stop an American from usingmonkeys in place of human workers on his newly-acquired olive farm.Poor screenplay from G.K. Wilkinson's book "The Monkeys" actually wantsus to sympathize with the land-owner, who should perhaps be forced todo his own olive picking! Forgettable Disney product with the expectedslapstick interludes is well-made, if not fresh. OK performances byDean Jones, Yvette Mimieux and wily Maurice Chevalier (in his finalfilm), but the argument at the center of the story isn't expanded upon,and the romance which sketchily develops between Dean and Yvette seemslike an afterthought as well. Obviously, this was aimed at a youngercrowd, but why not give kids something to think about as well as tolaugh at? *1/2 from ****

The Plot Summary for Monkeys, Go Home! (1967)

Henry Dussard, a young American, inherits a picturesque but badly neglected olive farm in southern France and is determined to make it operational again despite cautionary advice from the local priest and a pretty villager. Desperate for laborers, the inventive Dussard turns to the zaniest crew of olive pickers ever recruited - four mischievous monkeys! As former members of an Air Force space team, these intelligent chimps quickly pick up on their new responsibilities - but prove to have a turbulent effect on the local townspeople.

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