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The Reviews for Why Him? (2016)

Reviewed byPWNYCNYVote: 5/10/10
This movie has some funny scenes but is not a good movie. The reason:the principal character is so obnoxious that story comes off asjarring. Mayhew, played by James Franco, is affable and eccentric butis pushy, controlling, tasteless and above all stupid. The movie asksthe audience to believe that he is a billionaire. That's a stretch.Fleming, played by Bryan Cranston, has legitimate cause to be offendedby Mayhew. Mayhew goes out his way to offend people. Mayhew is soabrasive, so lacking in finesse, that it is virtually impossible tobelieve that anyone would seriously want to be around him. Yet,Fleming's daughter finds Mayhew attractive, for reasons that are neverexplained. Hence the title of the movie. The problem is the runninggag, that Fleming's pomposity is misplaced, is not plausible. Mayhew isnasty throughout the movie. He deserves to be disliked. There isnothing endearing about him. He is a crass materialist who lacks thestyle. He's not even a smooth talker. He's goofy but not self-effacing.Cut through all the pseudo-street talk, bathroom humor and gratuitoususe of profanities, and Mayhew is just another decadent rich guy, andnot a lovable one at that. Still, the movie has funny moments, but thatwas because of Cranston who carries this movie. The funny scenes allinvolve Fleming, when he is being goofed on. The problem is that inthis case the straight man is being goofed on by the comic characterwho comes off as being not only stupid but nasty. Cranston'sperformance saves this movie from immediate banishment to DVD land.

Reviewed byvze2363vVote: 4/10/10
Be warned - if you weren't brought up with your own cell phone and aTwitter account, this movie will probably make you sick. I literallyhad to FORCE myself to watch it all the way through. It should be awake-up call to how selfish, egotistical and banal society has become.In many cases, people don't bother to actually raise their children anymore. They just sit them in front of tech and expect them to come intoadulthood perfectly balanced.

The main character is SOOO coarse and it takes WAY too long to get tothe message (if they intended one). It's almost like Jonas Hill &Company were trying to emulate Kevin Smith's formula of quirky basichuman goodness and failed miserably.

Honestly, I can't recommend anyone watch this movie. The only peoplewho will enjoy it are the tech babies who can understand thecursing/stupidity/sexual idiocy. The ending makes it's point, but fartoo late for anyone to care (except the tech babies who most likelywon't even "get" it). Save your money.

Reviewed byZbigniew_KrycsiwikiVote: 3/10/10
Routine, by-the-numbers tale of a man, repelled by his college-ageddaughter's boyfriend, attempting to show her what a loser he is. Itturns out, however, the boyfriend is an internet multimillionaire, andan obnoxious, loud, profanity-laden one, at that. There is nothing evenremotely likable about his character, so it is easy to understand whyCranston doesn't like him.


Little, if anything, we've not seen before (except for the dead moosein a pool of urine, in one of the more disgusting moments) its talentedcast carries the film, and its half dozen laughs, and ham-fistedproduct placement (Subway, Applebee's) The audience I saw this with hada few laughs, but also long, quite stretches in between, so I supposeI'm not the only one unimpressed with this one.

Keenan's genuinely bizarre, guru character was more puzzling thanfunny, as were his sideburns, the oddest sideburns since Tony The Pimp,from Demons.

While we're on the topic of puzzling things, why did we have to endurefive minutes of Brian Cranston sitting on the toilet, try to figure howto use the bidet? Kiss' cameo at the end seemed surreal, like even theywere unsure of why they were in the movie.

Released at Christmastime, but barely a Christmas movie, although oneof the funnier scenes involved searching for a Christmas tree.

The Plot Summary for Why Him? (2016)

Over the holidays, Ned (Bryan Cranston), an overprotective but loving dad and his family visit his daughter at Stanford, where he meets his biggest nightmare: her well-meaning but socially awkward Silicon Valley billionaire boyfriend, Laird (James Franco). The rivalry develops,and Ned's panic level goes through the roof when he finds himself lost in this glamorous high-tech world and learns that Laird is about to pop the question.

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