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The Reviews for Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (2016)

Reviewed bybob-the-movie-manVote: 6/10/10
I'm a big fan of Tom Cruise. He is a real old-fashioned film star,generous with his fans on the red carpet and with real star power atthe box office. And I can happily sit down in front of just about anyone of his DVD's time and time again and still enjoy it. Unlike manycritics, I even enjoyed his last outing as Jack Reacher.

Unfortunately, and it pains me to say this but, his latest outing -"Jack Reacher: Never Go Back" - is a bit dull.

Lee Child's Reacher has many years before turned his back on hismilitary past and wanders the country as a drifter righting wrongsoutside of the law. In this film, his military past again makes a major("No, ex-Major") intrusion into his life. Potential love interest MajorSusan Turner (Colbie Smulders, from the "Avengers" world) is arrestedon trumped-up espionage charges and Cruise sets out to clear her name.Along the way he accidentally (and rather too conveniently for theplot) discovers that a paternity suit has been filed against him andReacher confronts the rebellious and light-fingered teenager Samantha(Danika Yarosh, aged 18 playing 15).

Unfortunately the big-cheeses involved in the international armsskulduggery are determined to tie up each and every loose end in theirintrigue, and that includes Reacher, Turner and young Samantha byassociation. Needless to say, the villains - led by a one-man killingmachine (Patrick Heusinger) - haven't counted on Reacher's 'particularset of skills'.

My problem with the film (after an entertaining opening) is that thescreenplay lumbers from standard thriller set-piece to standardthriller set-piece in a highly predictable way. It's as if the scriptsfrom 20 different films have been stuck in a blender. Shadowy armsdealing shenanigans: check; Cute teenager in peril: check; Gun fight ona dockside: check; Rooftop chase: check.

Are all the individual set-pieces decently done? Yes, sure. But thecombination of these bits of action tapas really don't add up to asatisfying meal. The story arc is almost non-existent as there is nosuspense in the 'investigation': the plot is all pretty well laid outfor you.

Where there is some fun to be had is in the play-off between the born-leader Reacher and the born-leader Turner, both trying to be top-dog inthe decision making. The romantic connection between the leads seemsalmost plausible despite their 20 (TWENTY!) year age difference: thisis more down to how incredibly good Cruise still looks at age 54 (damnhim!). Turner makes a good female role-model right up to the pointwhere there is a confrontation in a hotel room and Turner backs down:despite Cruise being the "hero" it would have been nice for femaleequality for this face-off to have gone the other way.

The director is Edward Zwick, who helmed Cruise's more interestingmovie "The Last Samurai".

The trailer started off well and then progressed into generalmediocrity. Unfortunately - for me at least - the film lived up to thetrailer. Watchable, but not memorable.

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Reviewed byadmtech69Vote: 6/10/10
While the trailer gives too many of the best scenes away (as doseemingly most Hollywood trailers of late), the second entry in theJack Reacher franchise fails in it's attempt to capitalize on themomentum of the original.

With the titular character ably portrayed by Tom Cruise as thequintessential and confident bad-ass, the surrounding cast andpaint-by-numbers story-line struggle around his nucleus to present abelievable and involving action flick.

One of the issues that plagues the franchise is that the sourcematerial portrays Reacher as 6'5" tall at a beefy 250 lbs, capable oftaking on 4-5 attackers at a time. Cruise is in great shape and appearsat least 10 years younger than his actual age but even with strategiccamera angles, at 5'7", it is fairly obvious that he is physicallyoutmatched when surrounded by 4 of his assailants. Yet much ass iskicked with relative ease. This affects the realism meter as the filmprogresses.

Another issue is the somewhat stilted dialogue and a few "Oh, come on,that would never happen!" moments that elicited a few unintended laughsfrom other audience members during the viewing I attended.

The supporting cast do their part in workman-like fashion and some ofthe dialogue between Cruise's Reacher and Co-star Cobie Smulders'Turner entertains and engages as they argue while being simultaneouslyattracted to one another. Rounding out the cast as the chiefantagonist, Patrick Heusinger is an effective (if somewhat clichéd) ex-Special Forces Psychopath who hunts Reacher throughout the film.

It's unclear at this point whether there will be a third filminstalment but based on early box office returns, a sequel is likely. Ihope they can take the best elements from the first film which hadbetter fight scenes, less stilted dialogue and fewer formulaic plotdevices. Seeing as the Jack Reacher Book series is currently at 21novels, there should be a worthy successor in the Lee Child-pennedCanon to put the film franchise back in good stead the next timearound.

If you are looking for a breezy action flick with low expectationsregarding plot twists or realism, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back fits thebill.

Reviewed byFiggy66-915-598470Vote: 6/10/10
25 October 2016 Film of Choice at The Plaza Dorchester This Afternoon -Jack Reacher Never Go Back. Tom Cruise returns in the title role andplays the hero part with aplomb. The film begins, continues and endswith action and intrigue. In this outing Reacher has to uncover agovernment conspiracy to clear his name and that of a colleague. Acomplicated plot entwines itself around the characters and it takes alittle concentration not to get lost. There is however a ratherrefreshing chase scene that doesn't involve a single car. Highlywatchable but not as good as the first film. Always easy to watch TomCruise when he's strutting his stuff, whatever the plot.

The Plot Summary for Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (2016)

After accomplishing the assignment of dismantling a human trafficking organization, the former military and drifter Jack Reacher goes to Washington to invite his liaison Major Susan Turner to have dinner with him. However, he meets her substitute Major Sam Morgan that explains that Major Turner is arrested accused of espionage. Jack seeks out her veteran lawyer Colonel Bob Moorcroftthat explains that Major Turner is the also accused for the murders of two soldiers in Afghanistan. Further, he also tells that Jack is being sued, accused by a woman of being the father of her fifteen year-old daughter Samantha. When Moorcroft is murdered, Jack is accused of being the killer and sent to a prison. He sees that Turner and he have been framed and also that Turner will be killed by two assassins. However he rescues her and they flee; soon they realize that there is a conspiracy involving military people from the army and a contractor that is a powerful arm dealer. Jack also learns that ...

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