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The Reviews for Wonders of the Solar System (2010)

Reviewed byvivek1303Vote: 9/10/10
I was reborn..!!

What locales, what angles, what direction, what music, what theories,what mysteries...!! An amazingly well written series. Some of theepisodes are, of course, much better than others. Especially, theEmpires of the sun and the thin blue line were amazing.

Cox takes you from one extreme to another while nourishing one's hungerfor cosmos and other worlds. His analogies and examples are veryengaging and simple. The way the whole episodes reaches a pin-pointedtheme at the end is very fulfilling. Apart from that, the amazingscreen-shots one can get from roaming around from one exquisite part ofearth to another are simply stunning.

I have seen a lot of hatred for the presenter but it is ill-meant.Brian Cox does seem lost at times, but that is because he gets soimmersed into whatever mystery he is explaining, that he himself movesto some other level. His passion and love for explaining such intricatedetails (whole world's Gold is no more than 3 Olympic pools) isamazing. And, the way he relates such esoteric topics to real life wassimply superb.

This series is the most reinvigorating series I have ever witnessed.Cox's Wonders of the Universe is equally engaging (but not of the samelevel and it does get repetitive at times...but still worth a watch). Ifeel bad though, as its new season isn't coming anytime soon.

Reviewed bymadfrancoVote: 8/10/10
i haven't logged into IMDb for years but i thought i'd make a specialexception to say how far off the mark i felt you (cinemapassion) werewith you're wonders.. review. i think that you completely missed thepoint, you have reviewed it from a standpoint pointing out things thatwere missing from it but not really ever understanding what the programwas. it seems you've reviewed it as if this were an essay or a reporton new discoveries in the solar system which it isn't, it's a bbcproduction telling the vast majority of people in Britain a bit ofinformation they probably didn't know about the solar system (our solarsystem which is why it didn't mention neighboring solar systems).

in summary:

1- most bbc factual entertainment programs are only commissioned for 5shows which is why there is only a limited number of things covered,also brian cox chose to write what he wanted to make a program about,it's your subjectivity which is the problem if you were't happy withwhat you learned, and if you already knew it why bother watching theprogram?

2- the lack of graphics was probably due to budgetary constraints or acreative choice, there wasn't really any massive need for more graphicsand the fact things were shot on location (i feel was a good thing),was to show the massive similarities there are even on alien worlds!

3- again it is your subjectivity which is the problem, i personallylike brian cox, i think he's quite funny.

4- i personally didn't have a problem with the editing, it was adocumentary ON TV so why would images stay on the screen for prolongedtimes for someone to study them, read a book or watch it on DVD anddiscover the wonders of the pause button.

5- that's just a mean comment and not objective critical analysis ofthe program, maybe a poor attempt at humour?

in detail-

1- there is some repetition but mainly between episodes or you may beconfused with what the function of an introduction and credits are.

in David attenborough documentaries the information is much more easyto grasp and doesn't require massive knowledge of physics and othersubjects the majority of Britain has not much grasp of, that is why ifyou want to learn about the science become a scientist, not watch a bbcTV program.

i've already covered why he didn't cover what you wanted him to coverso i will also point out that you didn't make the television programwhich is probably another reason why he didn't cover everything youwanted him to cover.

and why didn't he cover any complex physics... (BBC PRIME TIME)

2- well you've explained to yourself that it is because of thesimilarities why he travelled to look at similarities between alienworlds so again; your subjectivity = the problem and if you want tocontinue to complain about the lack of graphics why don't you go livein tron?

3- this reader feels the reviewer may be a jilted ex the way theycontinue to attack the presenter and has still no grasp of the functionof an informative program as opposed to a space probe.

4- & 5- not a book, jilted lover.

something on the oort cloud would have been good though..

Reviewed byTylertvVote: 10/10/10
I wrote this review because I wasn't satisfied with what was alreadywritten. Other reviewers mentioned many "flaws" with this program whichI believe are actually essential strengths which set this documentaryapart.

For instance, other reviewers mention the show's "distracting" scenechanges. However, if you really listen to what is being said, asopposed to simply looking at where the host is standing, the scenechanges are essential to the show's format. The strength of thisprogram is that every astronomical concept is immediately compared toan Earth based equivalent or analogy. This format really clarifies whatis being said and provides the viewer a deeper appreciation for theshow's content.

In summary, if you are looking for a show which describes the solarsystem in an intuitive way, as opposed to the history lecture format ofmany other shows, check it out! Sure the host's voice takes a littletime to get used to, but the shows content is worth it.

The Plot Summary for Wonders of the Solar System (2010)

In this spellbinding series Professor Brian Cox visits the most extreme locations on Earth to explain how the laws of physics carved natural wonders across the solar system.

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