Rise of the Fellowship (2013) mp4

  • Genre: Adventure | Comedy
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 92
  • IMDB Rating: 4.4/10 
  • MPR: Normal
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The Reviews for Rise of the Fellowship (2013)

Reviewed bykwk-885-237374Vote: 9/10/10
Online games don't interest me, so I didn't expect to like Rise of theFellowship. What a pleasant surprise! It's well acted and well written.As a Tolkien fan, I enjoyed the LOTR references, but there are otherpleasures. Your kids will enjoy it, too.

Each of the lead actors does a very good job, especially Justin Moe,Jayme Bell, and Cole Matson. Wolf Sherrill's performance as Baba Melvinis a delight.

The sly humor of the script drew me in. These Tolkien fans don't takethemselves too seriously in this affectionate play on the LOTR films.It's well paced and has charm. The resolution is neat and satisfying.

Disclosure: I only watched this because a friend is married to one ofthe writers. But as I watched, I moved from curiosity to pride. Whocares about 4 teen gamers? You will when you watch this well told tale.

Reviewed byPaul Magne HaakonsenVote: 4/10/10
Despite having spent somewhere around 3 years on playing Lord of theRings Online and about 27 years of playing tabletop Dungeons & Dragons,then this movie wasn't really all that exciting.

There were some nice moments here and there, but in overall, therewasn't much enjoyable material to be found in "Rise of the Fellowship",despite all the references to the Lord of the Rings and also with allthe outtakes from Lord of the Rings Online.

The storyline was predictable and basically just trotted ahead in afairly slow and monotone pace, which really never enthrall orcaptivates the audience. There weren't any overall coherency in thebuild up of anything really, nothing lead up to anything climatic, andyou knew exactly how the movie would end right from the very beginning.

The acting in the movie was one of the stronger aspects to the movie,as people were doing good enough jobs with their given roles, andthumbs up for that, because they had very little script-wise to workwith.

I am sure that there are some fans out there who will find some kind ofamusement and entertainment in this movie. However, I didn't reallyfind much of anything in the movie, aside from some good chuckles andmemories from back in the day when I spent countless hours playing Lordof the Rings Online. This movie, however, didn't really do anything forme.

If you are a gamer then your money is better spent on the movie "ZeroCharisma".

Reviewed byNardac BlefscuVote: 3/10/10
Sharing some cinematic DNA with 2002's "Max Magician and the Legend ofthe Rings", "Rise of the Fellowship" is another Mid-Atlantic lensed,low-budget fantasy epic that lucked into a wide release by beingmarketed as a quickie "Lord of the Rings" cash-in. "Fellowship" can atleast boast the nice professional look of a Syfy or Lifetime original,but past that, "Max Magician" wins out in this dubious race to the topof the Walmart cut-out bin since it actually has some plot andstructure-- cliché, simple- minded and predictable though it may be.

"Fellowship", on the other hand, is just a clumsy stringing together ofimagery from the "Lord of the Rings" without regard to coherence ormeaning; it's like being trapped in an elevator with afoaming-at-the-mouth Peter Jackson ultra-nerd ranting along the linesof "Remember that scene where that thing happened? Wasn't that great?And that other scene where that other thing happened? So awesome! Andthen that...." Within five minutes of watching this film, you'llseriously consider taking your own life; after ten minutes, your lovedones will be making funeral arrangements.

Normal folks with critical thinking facilities intact will want tosteer clear of this but if you're an undiscriminating dork who's asucker for shameless fan boy pandering, bring a large spoon becauseyou'll want to savor every delicious drop. Bon Appétit!

The Plot Summary for Rise of the Fellowship (2013)

Randall Dooley is a geek. His three best friends are geeks too. He works in a game shop, he spends all his free time playing online games, his older brother bullies him unmercifully, his widowed mom doesn't understand him, and he's hopelessly in love with the prettiest cheerleader in high school. In short, he's a loser. All of that changes when he hears of the Lord of the Rings gaming competition in Orlando, Florida. Finally! Meaning in life! The FellowsHip is a buddy-comedy written in honor of online gamers and The Lord of the Rings. Full of Tolkien-references and good-hearted parody, The FellowsHip will appeal to Tolkien-fans and gamers alike, as well as anyone who's never been part of the in-crowd.

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