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The Reviews for Jason Bourne (2016) 1080p

Reviewed byctowyiVote: 7/10/10
Jason Bourne wants so hard to believe in its own supremacy, forces anultimatum of thrills and spills, but ultimately lacks identity.

The original trilogy still stands out as one of the most intelligentpost-Cold War spy action thrillers and it mostly succeeded in being thelast word in the genre. Its huge success and relevance also gave theBond franchise a big wake-up call. Amnesia-assassin Bourne is the realthang!

So 9 years later, Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon decided it isopportune time to inject a dose of Bourne-adrenaline and his extremeways into us. The only problem is that instead of innovation andreinvention, it serves up last night's fried rice paradise. Oneshouldn't mess with paradise! Greengrass regurgitates out plot pointsfrom the three predecessors. From Operation Threadstone to OperationBlackbriar, we get yet another black-ops organisation called Ironhandthat wants to stay hidden and will whack anyone to Kingdom Come toprevent its knowledge from getting out. It once again exploits Bourne'samnesia as he glimpses yet another piece of his jigsaw mind-puzzle. Weget the same old CIA foggies uttering "Where's Bourne?" and everyonewearing pained expressions as Bourne evades everyone in Athens, Berlin,London and Las Vegas. We get yet again a woman who thinks she know bestbut Alicia Vikander has none of the gravitas of Joan Allen because sheis too young to be convincing.

The screenplay does offer up an promising post-Snowden scenario but itstill feels a little too familiar. These issues aside the movie isstill a pulsating ride. The pace is relentless and Damon's taciturnBourne still represents a driving force of reckoning. The spycraft andaction set-pieces ooze uber-coolness and you will want to see it againjust to catch how they did it. However I have one major complaint - Iabsolutely abhor the schizophrenic editing and jumpy hand-held shots.The camera never stays still for more than two seconds for you tomarvel at the fight choreography and the vehicle mayhem-chases. In mybook, hand-held shots coupled with split-second cuts are the cheapesttype of cheat codes in action thrillers. With these type of cinematictrickery anybody can be a martial arts exponent and a world-class spy.No class.

This is a good dish of leftovers. It may harken you back to the days ofthe original trilogy but it never truly pushes the character to a newfrontier re-examining his psychological state. In the end, a dish ofleftovers will still serve its purpose, especially when you arefamished.

Reviewed bythemadmoviemanVote: 7/10/10
The original Bourne trilogy of Identity, Supremacy and Ultimatum werebrilliant displays in effective storytelling and great action. JasonBourne, however, isn't quite as proficient in both of those areas. Onthe one hand, it's action-packed to the brim, and provides for a hugelyentertaining watch, but on the other, it's a disappointment as far asbringing yet another intriguing and truly thrilling mystery to life isconcerned.

Let's start on the bright side, however, with the action. PaulGreengrass does yet another sterling job at directing some hugelyexciting action sequences (including a thrilling chase in Athens thatharks back to Ultimatum's Tangier chase), and in tandem with yetanother excellent performance by Matt Damon as Jason Bourne himself,the action is definitely the best part of this film.

Where the story lacks, Jason Bourne more often than not gives you someinsane action to revel at. Sure, it's not the work of storytellinggeniuses, but if you're the sort of person who can turn their brain offfor two hours and watch wall-to-wall action and explosions, then thisfilm will have you in dreamland. It's not a Michael Bay movie, andGreengrass' style lends a lot to making more vibrant action sequences,but there's no doubt that fans of big action will love this film.

On the whole, I did enjoy this film, and I was able to recognise itsflaws and just watch it as a big blockbuster. However, I can't escapefeeling disappointed at the film's total failure to tell as intriguinga story as the first three films in the series.

The enthralling mysteries and gradual revelations about Jason Bourne'spast were what really separated this series from any other spythriller. In this movie, however, everything felt a lot more generic,with a much bigger emphasis on action than clever storytelling andpatient, gradual character and plot development. Unfortunately, it'sthat that makes Jason Bourne look pale in comparison to the originaltrilogy, and those who are expecting yet another engrossing andintelligent thriller will certainly be disappointed.

That said, there are bright moments in the story too. It's not ahorrifically dull film, and there are a few details that relate rightthe way back to The Bourne Identity. What's more is that Matt Damon,Alicia Vikander and Tommy Lee Jones all put in very strong performancesto add a degree of gravitas to what is in truth a very clichéd andrepetitive story, which was good to see.

Overall, I am disappointed by Jason Bourne, in that it doesn't manageto tell such an enthralling and intelligent mystery as the series'original trilogy, but its top-quality action and strong directing andperformances still allowed me to have a lot of fun for two hours.

Reviewed byFCVote: 5/10/10
Lacklustre story line lacking intelligence, dialogue, and characterdevelopment.

I am a big fan of the franchise and my expectations may have been toohigh for this sequel. Was hoping for same kind of substance and keptwaiting for something impressively unexpected, like previous. Legacywas a better film. Even fight scenes and car chases from all previoushad a different "feel" than typical action films, but formula madethese redundant and confusing, not fun like others. The predictableplot had me thinking, hoping for intelligent twist that did not happen.It's a good rental I suppose.

The Plot Summary for Jason Bourne (2016) 1080p

Jason Bourne is again being hunted by the CIA. It begins when Nicky Parson a former CIA operative who helped Bourne who then went under and now works with a man who's a whistle blower and is out to expose the CIA's black ops. So Nicky hacks into the CIA and downloads everything on all their Black Ops including Treadstone which Bourne was a part of. And Heather Lee, a CIA agent discovers the hack and brings it to the attention of CIA Director Dewey, the man behind the Black Ops. He then orders Parsons be found and hopefully Bourne too.

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